Carrie L. Lewis, Artist


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tutorial

Peggy Osborne create this lovely, touching portrait on tan Strathmore Toned Paper with Prismacolor pencils from first pencil stroke to last. Intermediate.


Long Haired German Shepherd Tutorial

Peggy Osborne guides you through this lovely drawing on suede board step by step with the detailed step-by-step instructions you’ve come to expect. Intermediate.


Yorkshire Terrier Tutorial

Peggy Osborne draws a lovely little Yorkshire Terrier on Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper using Prismacolor pencils Intermediate.


Baby Goat Tutorial

Learn valuable skills like layering and blending, using different types of pencil strokes to create textures, and a blurred background while drawing this adorable baby goat. Intermediate.


Spring Storm Landscape Tutorial

Draw this dramatic landscape on dark gray Pastelmat. Learn step-by-step how to sketch the landscape, then layer light colors over dark for high impact. Intermediate.


Portrait of a Black Horse Tutorial

Use only twelve colored pencils to draw a realistic black horse, bright shiny metal and believable leather, all on toned paper! Intermediate.


Draw from Life in Three Easy Steps

You can learn life drawing beginning with the basics of using line qualities to drawing three-dimensional drawings from the first stroke. Beginner.


Ginger Cat Tutorial

Peggy Osborne shares techniques that include layering, blending and burnishing. You’ll also learn how to use Brush & Pencil’s Titanium White with Touch Up texture to create thick fur, fine hair, and whiskers. Intermediate.


Regal Rottweiler Tutorial

Draw this beautiful, regal Rottweiler using Prismacolor pencils on toned paper. Learn how to draw short, sleek fur by adjusting stroke length and direction. Intermediate.


Classy Chestnut Horse Tutorial

Peggy Osborne shows you how to draw this classy chestnut horse on sand-colored Canson Mi-Teintes paper. Includes solvent blending, layering and blending methods. Intermediate.


Blue-Eyed Aussie Tutorial

You love drawing dogs, but getting the fur right is a challenge. Fur of one color is difficult enough, isn’t it? Where do you begin to draw fur that’s a mix of colors? It looks impossible. Intermediate.

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