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CP Magic! Magazine

CP Magic September 2023

CP Magic September 2023 with featured artist Kim Keys, a reptile heating pad tutorial, tips for choosing colors, cropping digital images for submission, and more.


CP Magic August 2023

CP Magic! August 2023 with featured artist Janette Carmichael, a colorful fish tutorial, and great articles.


CP Magic July 2023

CP Magic! July 2023 with featured artist Karen O’Neill, a beautiful Zebra tutorial, and a collection of articles on dealing with mistakes.


CP Magic! June 2023

CP Magic! June 2023, with featured artist Alison Philpott, a fun tutorial on wood, dealing with disappointments, getting past getting started, and more.


CP Magic! May 2023

CP Magic! May 2023, with featured artist Susan Murray, an adorable Dachshund tutorial, the most difficult part of being a commission artist and more.


CP Magic! April 2023

Featured artist Elisabetta de Maria interview and tutorial. Artists and Blogging Part 2, Licensing Your Artwork, Afmat Long Point Pencil Sharpener Review, Reader Gallery.


CP Magic! March 2023

CP Magic! March 2023. Featured Artist: Holly Horn interview & tutorial. Is Blogging Right for You, Metallic Colored Pencils-What are They Good For, Caran d’Ache Pable review.


CP Magic! February 2023

CP Magic! February 2023. Special issue. Your Best Colored Pencil Work of 2022 is a showcase of more than forty art pieces in all styles.


CP Magic! January 2023

CP Magic! January 2023. Featured Artist: Jan Fagan interview & tutorial. I Am Okay, Getting (and Staying) Creative, Graphitint review.


2022 CP Magic! Bundle

Buy 2022 issues of CP Magic magazine by the bundle (all twelve issues) and save 10% off the price of individual downloads.


CP Magic! December 2022

Featured artist Oksana Burr interview and tutorial. The Seven Best Business Tips I Ever Received. Review of Drawing Animal Portraits with Coloured Pencil.


CP Magic! November 2022

Featured artist Debbie Bowen interview and tutorial. Creating Texture with Colored Pencils, Part 2. Product Review.

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