Carrie L. Lewis, Artist

Writing for this Blog

Are you interested in writing for this blog or for CP Magic! Magazine?

We are looking for good artists who love using colored pencils and also enjoy writing, and who would like to contribute content to this blog and our magazine.

If that describes you, take a little time to look at some of the posts on this blog. Does one of them give you an idea for an article?

If so, submit your idea with a short description (no more than 200 words, please) using the form below. We will review your idea and get back with you as soon as possible.

But before you submit an idea, please review the following guidelines.

Writing for this Blog

Writer’s Guidelines

Articles must be about colored pencils.

Readers enjoy step-by-step tutorials, product reviews, and drawing tips, but if you have an idea that covers another area of colored pencils and colored pencil art, please submit it.

When you submit an article, you give us permission share it through this site, in CP Magic! magazine, and/or via email.

We reserve the right to edit to articles as needed.


Word count is flexible, but the preferred length is between 800 and 1200 words for the blog and the magazine.

Articles should include two to four high resolution images. Step-by-step tutorials MUST include high quality, step-by-step illustrations.

Quick tips on working with colored pencils in small spaces for the Art Corners column are of special interest. These articles should be between 200 and 300 words in length and should include one illustration.

Write for Carrie


Please research the blog before you write your article. Followup articles and articles that offer a significantly different point-of-view to previously published articles are acceptable, but we will not publish articles that repeat content.

All content MUST be original and should pass through our plagiarism check. We do not re-publish articles previously published anywhere else. We also take DMCA notices very seriously, and will remove any article that infringes on copyright in any way.


Articles may include up to 2 (two) links. The links MUST not point to any adult, gambling, hurtful or provocative content. We reserve the right to remove or change any inappropriate or irrelevant links.


We do not pay for articles at present, but may consider it after we have published at least three of your articles.

Do You Have an Idea?

Submit your ideas using the form below. We will review your ideas and get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you!

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