Carrie L. Lewis, Artist


I have been endowed by my Creator with the following traits. An ability to recognize beauty in the created world; a deep love of and appreciation for the horse; and the ability to capture both through paintings. It is this combination of gifts that inspired the creation of this studio and that keeps it going.

It is the policy of this artist to never knowingly accept public funding in any form. This artist and business stands or falls on its ability to provide a product of such integrity and value that clients are willing to trade cash for a painting.

The professional responsibilities of this artist are first to God, Giver of all Gifts, and second to the client. Those responsibilities apply to every painting and every portrait, from the smallest to the largest; from the least expensive to the most.

I cannot express sufficient gratitude to those who have chosen to exchange their hard-earned money for one of my paintings in the past and who will choose to do so in the future.

It is my prayer that you will be blessed by the portrait you receive for many years to come.