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Getting Started With Colored Pencil

Free Color Wheel & Value Scale Templates

Free Color Wheel

Two free tools you can download and print. Use them as drawing exercise tools or to create reference tools.

Complete with step-by-step instructions and suggestions for creating your own custom color wheels and value scales.

Everything You Need to Get Started with Colored Pencils

Get Started with Colored Pencils - Colored Pencils 1

Do you want to get started with colored pencils without spending a ton of money?

Tips on types of paper, pencils, and accessories. Includes a free, downloadable and printable supply list.

Colored Pencil Basics for Beginners

Colored Pencil Basics - Pencils

Getting started with colored pencils can be scary. There are so many tips and tools! Which is best for you?

Tips for selecting drawing papers, choosing pencils, basic techniques and other questions frequently asked by new colored pencil artists.

Which Paper is Best for Colored Pencils?

Which Paper is Best?

The answer to this question depends in large part on what and how you draw.

This article shares basic information on drawing papers that will help you know what paper is best for you.

Alternatives to Drawing Paper

Alternatives to Drawing Paper

Paper isn’t the only thing you can draw on, so this week, let’s take a look at three other surfaces that make for interesting colored pencil artwork.

What other options do you have? This article explains three.

5 Differences Between Sanded Art Paper and Traditional Drawing Paper

What is sanded art paper? How is it different from traditional drawing papers?

Should you consider using it with your colored pencils?

How to Know When a Drawing is Finished

When a Drawing is Finished

How do you know when a colored pencil drawing is finished?

Tips for knowing when a drawing needs a little more work and when it really is finished.

Do You Really Need to Varnish Colored Pencil Art?

Do You Really Need to Varnish

Personal reasons for varnishing colored pencil drawings or not varnishing them are as varied as artists are.

The purpose of this post is to look at professional reasons for and against varnishing colored pencil art.

Do Colored Pencil Drawings Have to be Framed Under Glass?

Do colored pencil drawings really need to be framed under glass? Glass is so expensive.

Do colored pencil drawings really need to be framed under glass? Glass is so expensive.

Learn why drawings are usually framed under glass, and what other options are available.

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