Carrie L. Lewis, Artist

Business Hours

Carrie L. Lewis, Artist blog, store, and website is a sole proprietorship. That means Carrie does everything! Publishing, customer support, tech support, everything.

That also means that although the store is “open” 24/7 all over the world, Carrie is not always available to help you.

However, she is “in the office” most weekday afternoons and often on Saturdays.

Sunday is her day off.

Business Hours

Store Hours

Except on those rare occasions when there are behind-the-scenes problems, the store is always open. You can shop at your convenience.

Office Hours

Weekdays: Afternoons and some evenings

Weekends: Most Saturday afternoons

Closed on Sunday

What That Means for You

If you have a question or problem, you can expect prompt action during the week. Carrie checks emails regularly throughout the day and will respond to your email as soon as possible upon seeing it. Since the most common problems are easily and quickly resolved, you can expect to get an answer the moment Carrie sees your email.

More complex problems may take longer to resolve, but you will get a prompt response when your email is seen.

However, if you send an email late Friday evening or on Saturday, it may be Monday before she sees the email.

If you send an email on Sunday, it will be Monday afternoon before she sees it and can respond.

The Best Time to Contact Carrie

Since many of you are in places other than the United States, it’s important to know that Carrie’s hours are based on US Central Time. You may already be halfway through Monday before Monday arrives in Kansas, so be patient. Once your email arrives in the inbox, it stays there until Carrie sees it.

Of course, the best time to contact Carrie is the moment you realize you have a problem. The sooner you let her know your problem, the easier it is to track the problem and resolve it. The sooner a problem is resolved, the happier you’ll be and the fewer people that problem may impact.

But if you need an answer in a hurry, you’ll get the quickest response if you send your question during the week.

Whenever you contact Carrie, you can be certain you will get a response providing the email reaches her. If you don’t get a response, please try again.