Colored Pencil Tutorials

Following are posted, work-in-progress colored pencil tutorials. Each tutorial includes step-by-step information and illustrations.

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Free, Read-On-Line Colored Pencil Tutorials

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Colored Pencil Tutorial - Chestnut Horse - Complementary Under Drawing Method

Draw a Horse Using the Complementary Under Drawing Method

Draw a horse in a landscaped setting by glazing local color over a complementary under drawing. Includes a brief description of the complementary under drawing method, as well as a link to a free, downloadable color wheel.

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Colored Pencil Tutorial - Palomino Horse - Stonehenge Paper

Drawing Tutorial – Palomino Horse on Stonehenge Paper

The direct drawing method is a method of drawing in which the first layers are the same colors as the final layers. You develop value and color at the same time, layer by layer.

It’s neither better nor worse than any other drawing method, but be faster.

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Tutorial Drawing a Landscape over an Umber Under Drawing

Umber Under Drawing Method – Cloudy Landscape

This tuotrial shows you step-by-step how to draw a spring landscape using colored pencils on gray paper.

The tutorial includes a full description of under drawing, color glazing and layering colors, and finishing touches.

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Colored Pencil Tutorial - Dark Brown Horse - Umber Under Drawing 275

Umber Under Drawing Tutorial – Dark Horse

Draw a standing horse on a plain background by glazing local color over an umber under drawing.

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