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Helping You Create Art You Can be Proud Of

Helping You Create Art You Can be Proud Of

with the colored pencils you love.

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Getting Started With Colored Pencil

Free Color Wheel & Value Scale Templates Two free tools you can download and print. Use them as drawing exercise tools or to create reference tools. Complete with step-by-step instructions and suggestions for creating your...

Basic Drawing Lessons

4 Straight Line Drawing Exercises Four line control exercises that will help you improve pencil control. I used a 6B graphite pencil for each of these because I enjoy the way a soft lead goes...

Advanced Tips, Tools, and Techniques

Drawing on Colored Papers to Reduce Drawing Time Using a colored support is a great way to jump start your next colored pencil project. If you choose a color that provides a base color or...

Colored Pencil Tutorials

colored pencil tutorials

Colored pencil tutorials are a great way to improve your skills or learn new skills in the comfort of your own home or studio.

Each tutorial includes step-by-step information and illustrations, a complete supply list when applicable, and an easy-to-read format.

Carrie has written and published many free tutorials condensed into blog posts. These tutorials cover a wide range of subjects and methods. Three full-length free tutorials are also available here (palomino horse), here (brown horse), and here (cloudy landscape).

If you’re looking for something more in-depth, a variety of paid tutorials are also available in Carrie’s store. These colored pencil tutorials are written for artists at every skill level, and cover many different subjects.

All tutorials are available as digital downloads only.

Reader Questions

Learning More Than One Medium

Is learning more than one medium at a time a good idea or is it better to learn one medium, then learn a different medium.
Read More "Learning More Than One Medium"

Colorless Blenders and Wax Bloom

Do colorless blenders cause wax bloom on finished artwork? CP artist Carrie Lewis answers that question and the reasons behind the answer.
Read More "Colorless Blenders and Wax Bloom"

Do Prismacolor Colored Pencils Expire

Do Prismacolor colored pencils expire? Do they ever get so old, they can no longer be used for drawing?
Read More "Do Prismacolor Colored Pencils Expire"

Focusing on One Art Theme

How long should you think about focusing one theme in your art? Are there any general rules of thumb for this or can you wing it?
Read More "Focusing on One Art Theme"

Paper Showing through Color Layers

Is having paper showing through color layers on colored pencil artwork bad or good? Should it be avoided, or can it improve your artwork?
Read More "Paper Showing through Color Layers"

Removing Waxy Buildup from Colored Pencil Art

What are the best ways for removing waxy buildup? CP artist Carrie L. Lewis shares a few tips for preventing and removing waxy buildup.
Read More "Removing Waxy Buildup from Colored Pencil Art"

CP Magic! Magazine for Colored Pencil Artists

CP Magic! magazine for colored pencil artists gives you a monthly dose of motivation, instruction, and beautiful works of colored pencil art.

Each regular issue features a different artist whom you will meet through an interview and then see at work with an exclusive tutorial.

The magazine is available for purchase as single issues, and by subscription by the month or by the year.

Back issues are always available individually and as annual collection bundles.

CP Magic is now available through through Carrie’s store. Click here to see the latest issue and all available back issues.

All CP Magic! Products are digital downloads only.

Subscribe to CP Magic! by the month or by the year.

Recent Posts

Learning from Master Craftsmen

Learning from master craftsmen in any discipline is an invaluable experience. Sometimes, motivation comes from unexpected places.
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Are Inktense Colored Pencils?

Are Inktense colored pencils or aren't they? There are differing opinions. Carrie shares her best information in response to a reader question.
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Is it Better to Start with Light Colors?

Is it always better to start with light colors when using colored pencils? If there are exceptions to this rule, what are they? CP artist Carrie Lewis answers this reader question and shares alternatives to the light-to-dark rule.
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How to Draw a Dog’s Ear on Pastelmat

Learn how to draw a dog's ear on Pastelmat using Polychromos colored pencils with this step-by-step tutorial by Carrie L. Lewis.
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Studio News for August 2023

Today’s Behind the Scenes post is full of studio news for August 2023. I'll also give you a peek at the things I'm working on.
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September Sketching News

Time for September sketching news, with some new colored pencils, a new method, some successes and some failures.
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Powder Blender and Colored Pencils

Carrie Lewis shares her tips for using Brush & Pencil's Powder Blender and colored pencils to create smooth color and seamless blending.
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Changing a Drawing in Progress

Changing a drawing in progress may sound impossible, or difficult at best. I'd like to show you how easy it really is if you're using Pastelmat.
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Making Money with Colored Pencil Sketches

Sketching with colored pencils is probably what most people think of when they think of colored pencil. Did you know you can make money with those sketches?
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