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Helping You Create Art You Can be Proud Of

Helping You Create Art You Can be Proud Of

with the colored pencils you love.

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Getting Started With Colored Pencil

Free Color Wheel & Value Scale Templates Two free tools you can download and print. Use them as drawing exercise tools or to create reference tools. Complete with step-by-step instructions and suggestions for creating your...

Basic Drawing Lessons

4 Straight Line Drawing Exercises Four line control exercises that will help you improve pencil control. I used a 6B graphite pencil for each of these because I enjoy the way a soft lead goes...

Advanced Tips, Tools, and Techniques

Drawing on Colored Papers to Reduce Drawing Time Using a colored support is a great way to jump start your next colored pencil project. If you choose a color that provides a base color or...

Reader Questions

Uses for Hard Colored Pencils

Today's post answers a question from a reader who is having problems finding uses for hard colored pencils. Here's her question. I have a lot...
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Colored Pencil and Mixed Media

Carrie shares two basic concerns with using colored pencils and mixed media: What papers should you use and are there special techniques?
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Color Picker Programs for Colored Pencils

Carrie shares four color picker programs for colored pencils, adult coloring books, and other color-intensive applications.
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Smooth Color Transitions with Colored Pencils

There are a lot of ways to get smooth color transitions when using colored pencils. Carrie shares her secret with two examples.
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Using Colored Pencils on Wood

Is using colored pencils on wood possible? Are there any special techniques involved? Carrie shares her experience and a few tips.
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Getting Vivid Color on Black Sanded Paper

Is getting vivid color on black sanded paper any easier or more difficult than on traditional drawing papers? Carrie shares her test results.
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CP Magic Magazine for Colored Pencil Artists

CP Magic magazine provides colored pencil news to colored pencil artists. Each month features a different artist whom you will meet through an interview and then see at work with an exclusive tutorial.

CP Magic is now available through Colored Pencil Tutorials dot com. Click here or on the banner below to see the latest issue and all available back issues.

CP Magic Magazine at Colored Pencil Tutorials

Recent Posts

Uses for Hard Colored Pencils

Today's post answers a question from a reader who is having problems...
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Ways to Make Green

Learn a few ways to make green from the closest color match you have or from scratch. This process works for mixing any color.
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CP Magic June 2022

CP Magic June 2022 is ready and waiting to inspire you! Victoria...
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How to Hold a Colored Pencil

Most of us probably don’t give any thought to the way we hold a pencil when we draw. I know I didn’t for quite a long time. But there are different ways to hold a colored pencil that do more than just give your hand a rest. How to Hold …
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Those Dreaded Deadlines

Today I'd like to talk about something many artists see as a...
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Getting Over Artist’s Block

I recently received an email from a student and friend. She described...
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CP Magic May 2022

CP Magic May 2022 is spectacular. Just look at this beautiful cover...
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What Are the Best Papers for Colored Pencil Use

Today’s post begins with a brief email conversation between me and a reader, who was interested in identifying the best papers for colored pencil use. Since the answer depends on the pencils and drawing methods the artist uses, and the type of art being made, I asked for more information. …

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