Carrie L. Lewis, Artist

Basic Drawing Lessons

4 Straight Line Drawing Exercises

Four line control exercises that will help you improve pencil control. I used a 6B graphite pencil for each of these because I enjoy the way a soft lead goes onto paper. You can use any hardness of lead you prefer, or any dry medium you prefer. They’re excellent exercises for colored pencil, chalk, charcoal or pastel.

5 Curving Line Drawing Exercises

Five line control exercises to help you improve pencil control. Like the four exercises for straight lines, you can use any hardness of graphite pencil or do the exercises with colored pencils.

2 Easy Ways to Draw Distance

There are a number of ways to depict pictorial depth in a landscape drawing (or in any drawing). One of the simplest and most basic is the way you draw a simple line.

What Is Reflected Light and How Does It Affect My Art?

Reflected light is light that comes from a source other than the primary light source. When you’re talking about art and drawing or painting, reflected light is the light that bounces off something else and strikes whatever object you’re painting.

How to Draw the Legs and Feet of Horses

A horse’s feet are nearly as distinctive to each horse as human fingerprints are to each person. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all foot for the artist who is interested in painting individual horses.

How to Draw a Horse Hoof with Graphite

A step-by-step demonstration showing you how to draw a standing hoof based on this reference photo.

How to Draw Thunderhead Clouds

In this drawing mini clinic, we’ll look at a six-step process for drawing thunderhead clouds. This method can be used to draw any subject you want to draw.

3 Tips for Drawing Reflective Objects

Basic tips for accurately drawing reflective objects.

How to Make a Color Lighter

Any artist who works with colored pencil gets a color too dark sooner or later. Most of us have heard that it’s next to impossible to add lighter colors over dark colors and make an impact, so just how do you make a color lighter once it’s gone too dark? Is it even possible?

How to Draw a Dark Background with Colored Pencil

This step-by-step demonstration shows you one way to draw a dark background on white or light-colored paper.

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