Carrie L. Lewis, Artist

Advanced Tips, Tools, and Techniques

Drawing on Colored Papers to Reduce Drawing Time

Using a colored support is a great way to jump start your next colored pencil project. If you choose a color that provides a base color or a base complementary color to most of the drawing, you won’t need to draw that base as you would if you were to do the same drawing on white paper.

Using Masking Film with Colored Pencil

In this post, I describe how I used masking film with colored pencil and compare masking film and masking fluid.

Broken Prismacolor Pencils and How to Repair Them

What do you do with broken pencils? They can often be repaired and in this post, I share tips on how repairing broken pencils.

The Only Blending Methods You’ll Ever Need for Colored Pencil

There are many ways to blend colored pencils, but they can be classified in three basic ways. There are three basic methods. Learn what they are and when to use them.

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