Carrie L. Lewis, Artist

Affiliate Information

The following affiliate information is provided in accordance with federal law, and in the interest of transparency.

Basic Affiliate Information

Many companies offer affiliate programs. The company offers affiliate members a commission when someone follows a link and buys something.

How and Why I Offer Recommendations.

I recommend only books I’ve read or purchased and found useful. If I find an author I like, I may also recommend additional titles that I have yet to read.

When I recommend products, they are either products I have purchased and found useful or that would be useful to me if I had a need for them.

Some of the books and products I recommend have affiliate programs that pay a commission  My decision to recommend books or products is based on the usefulness of the book or product to me, not on whether or not an affiliate program is available.

All recommendations are made in good faith. If you believe my participation in affiliate programs taints my objectivity in making recommendations, you should discount any such recommendations.

As with any recommendation, examine the books or products for yourself to determine whether or not they will help you. I believe what helps me will also be of benefit to others. But not everything works for everyone, so I urge you to practice due diligence in any purchase.

Affiliate Programs in Which I Participate

Ann Kullberg

Ann began as a portrait artist. Her first two books were for artists who wanted to learn her methods, and improve their portrait painting skills.

She also does portrait workshops, and publishes COLOR Magazine each month. In addition, she offers a growing collection of books, ebooks, and learn-at-home tutorials for colored pencil artists.

I’ve used her learn-at-home tutorials as class material, as well as my own enjoyment and improvement.

Sarah Renae Clark

Sarah is one of thousands of people who turned to art—specifically adult coloring pages—during a time of stress.

Then she turned to helping others find the same kind of relief from pain, anxiety, and stress by creating coloring pages and books. Her product line now includes calendars, books, seasonal products, and printable downloads.

Sarah and her husband also help creatives of all types with marketing and business growth.

I’ve used her printable downloads for habit tracking and coloring, and am delighted to introduce her to you.

Monthly Sharpener/Sharpened Artist Academy

Portrait artist John Middick is the founder of Sharpened Artist and the Sharpened Artist Academy. The academy includes video courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students who wish to improve portrait drawing skills with in-depth teaching.

Established over five years ago, this weekly colored pencil podcast is a favorite of colored pencil artists around the world. Tune in weekly to get tips on tools, supplies, and techniques, and hear interviews from other artists working in a variety of subjects.