Draw from Life in Three Easy Steps

Draw from Life in Three Easy Steps

Artist Carrie L. Lewis show you how to learn to draw from life in three easy steps.

Draw from Life in Three Easy Steps

Have you ever wanted to draw something that really excited you? Something you thought was the best subject you ever laid eyes on, only to “come to your senses” and realize it was way too complicated?

Carrie has had moments like that, but she learned how to learn life drawing in three easy steps, and now she wants to teach you!

Draw from Life in Three Easy Steps

“You know what? Drawing isn’t all that difficult if you have a few basic tools in hand. Simple tools. Tools so basic we often overlook them, but that can transform our drawing experience once we master them.

“This tutorial gives you a simple and easy-to-follow way to begin mastering drawing from life. It will help you with every drawing you hope to create for the rest of your life.” — Carrie L. Lewis

The tutorial begins with the basics of drawing, using line qualities to begin drawing three-dimensional drawings from the first stroke. You’ll then learn about reducing even the most complex subject into shapes and adding form with shading.

This is not a complex drawing book; it is the beginning of your new drawing journey!

Learn How to:

Draw anything by starting with big shapes and refining the drawing

Use line weight, value and color to create depth in the simplest of line drawings

Shade two-dimensional sketches so they look real

Sketch from life indoors or out

And much more

Draw from Life in Three Easy Steps is perfect for anyone who wants to learn to draw from scratch, or wants to improve life drawing skills.

The method described in this tutorial can also be used for drawing from reference photos. The tutorial includes a collection of subjects for you to draw.

Skill Level

Beginner and higher.

You can successfully complete this tutorial if you have a basic understanding of layering. No experience with watercolor pencils is required.

You can successfully complete this tutorial with any brand of pencils and on most traditional drawing papers.

All tutorials are available as digital downloads only.

About Carrie L. Lewis: Carrie has been painting and drawing for over 50 years. She sold her first horse portrait at the age of seventeen and has been creating beautifully detailed portraits of horses for clients all over the United States ever since. In the late 1990s, Carrie began doing more colored pencil work, which is now her primary medium. Her favorite subjects are still horses, but she now also draws landscapes. She is a current member of the Colored Pencil Society of America, and publishes the monthly e-zine for colored pencil artists, CP Magic!