Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tutorial

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tutorial

Peggy Osborne delivers on another beautiful dog portrait with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tutorial.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tutorial

Her subject this time is a rescue dog.

Peggy uses tan Strathmore Toned Paper with Prismacolor pencils to create this lovely, touching portrait. And she shows you how she works from the first pencil stroke to the last.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Tutorial

The subject for this tutorial is an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Brie. The photo was provided by Brie’s loving owner and rescuer, Verity Camp.

“Verity saved Brie from the hell she was living in, and shared almost seven more years with her, giving her the love and affection she had missed all those years. That makes this tutorial very special to me,” says artist Peggy Osborne. “I wanted to honor the life of this precious pup. Seeing her lying in the grass looking at me with those beautiful, big soft eyes touched my soul. I hope it touches yours, too.”

She walks you step-by-step through the process of drawing multi-colored fur, ears with lovely long fur, bright, shining eyes, and a nose that looks wet.

You’ll also learn how to use odorless mineral spirits, a colorless blender, and Brush & Pencil’s Titanium White mixture to draw a realistic dog portrait.

The tutorial includes a full supply list and a line drawing, as well as a full-size reference photo. Download the tutorial, print the line drawing, and get a fast start today.

Learn How to:

Draw a realistic dog with colored pencils

Draw grass that looks real

Create the illusion of distance on both the dog and the background

Blend by layering, using solvent, and a colorless blender

Add highlights and details with Brush & Pencil’s Titanium White and Touchup Texture

Peggy’s unique method for checking color and value accuracy

And much more

Skill Level

Intermediate and higher.

Are you a beginner? You can successfully complete this tutorial if you have a basic understanding of layering.

Don’t have the same pencils or paper Peggy used? That’s okay! The tutorial includes color swatches so you can match colors. You can successfully complete this tutorial with any brand of pencils.

You can also complete the tutorial on other drawing papers if you don’t have Strathmore Toned Paper. Your results may vary depending on the paper you use.

All tutorials are available as digital downloads only.

About Peggy Osborne: Peggy is an accomplished self-taught artist living in Canada specializing in creating beautiful realistic portraits of pets and family members. She’s had an on going love affair with colored pencils, loving their simplicity, for as long as she can remember. She started out using graphite pencil so it was an easy transition to carry on with colored pencils. Love of animals and art go hand in hand. Peggy is in awe of what can be accomplished with colored pencils. See more of Peggy’s work at Pet Portraits by Peggy. You can also meet Peggy in the January issue of CP Magic.