Colored Pencil Tutorials

Colored pencil tutorials are a great way to improve your skills or learn new skills in the comfort of your own home or studio.

Each tutorial includes step-by-step information and illustrations, a complete supply list when applicable, and an easy-to-read format.

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Free, Read-On-Line Colored Pencil Tutorials

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Colored Pencil Tutorial - Chestnut Horse - Complementary Under Drawing Method
Colored Pencil Tutorial - Palomino Horse - Stonehenge Paper
Tutorial Drawing a Landscape over an Umber Under Drawing
Colored Pencil Tutorial - Dark Brown Horse - Umber Under Drawing 275

Colored Pencil Tutorial Downloads

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Ginger Cat Tutorial by Peggy Osborne

Pet portrait artist Peggy Osborne helps you draw this beautiful Maine Coon cat step-by-step.


Regal Rottweiler Tutorial

Regal Rottweiler Tutorial by Peggy Osborne

Draw this beautiful dog step-by-step with pet portrait artist Peggy Osborne.


Current Colored Pencil Tutorials

Tutorials by Subject

Portrait of a Black Horse

Beginners and Higher

Learn how to use toned paper to draw this stunning black horse using the color of the paper as the middle values. Also draw leather, metal, ribbons and more.

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Portrait of a Black Horse Tutorial

Tutorials by Technique

The ONLY Blending Methods You’ll Ever Need for Colored Pencil

If you’ve been looking for help deciding which blending methods you should use for colored pencils, you need look no further. Learn three basic blending methods and see how they’re used, complete with examples.

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Draw from Life in Three Easy Steps

Have you ever seen something you wanted to draw, but you were quickly overwhelmed by the complexity of the subject?

Never again! Learn how draw from life in three steps.

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Other Tutorials

Draw Clouds in Graphite

Drawing clouds of any type in any medium can be an intimidating idea. Start by using graphite and Carrie’s easy-to-master drawing method to get started drawing clouds. Then use that skill with any medium you chose.

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