CP Magic June 2022

CP Magic June 2022

CP Magic June 2022 is ready and waiting to inspire you!

Victoria Manser is the featured artist for June. Her specialty, as you might guess based on the cover (shown below), is animals. In addition to the usual tools of the trade, she puts her interest in and love for animals into every piece she creates.

“Art has always been part of my life since I was old enough to hold a pencil,” she says. “I love portraiture, and enjoy focusing in detail on facial features to capture the individual’s unique qualities and expression.”

You’ll love looking at her beautiful work.

And learning how she creates it by doing her mini-demo on fox fur. Step-by-step, she shows you how to draw soft fur and longer, coarser fur on Pastelmat.

What Else is in the June 2022 Issue of CP Magic!

In the featured article for June, Carrie Lewis shares her process for selecting and processing the digital photos she wants to use for reference photos.

Other articles include Finding Your Artistic Passion, Is Social Media Absolutely Necessary?, Solvent Blending: Absorbent vs. Non-Absorbent Paper, reader tips for working in small art spaces, the CP Magic! Reader Gallery, and more.

You can buy the June 2022 Issue of CP Magic! and pay directly without leaving this page by clicking the button below.

Of course, back issues are always also available, so browse through all of them.


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