Where to Find Advanced Adult Coloring Books

Where to Find Advanced Adult Coloring Books

As many of you know, May was Q&A month. I received so many questions on so many topics, that I’ve decided to continue answering reader questions once a week. Today is the first day in what I hope becomes a regular, weekly feature. We’ll get started with a few suggestions on where to find advanced adult coloring books.

Where to Find Advanced Adult Coloring Books

Carol Asks:

I have a lot of coloring books, I recently found a coloring book for ‘experienced colorists’. And it is great, very challenging. Where can I find more?

Where to Find Advanced Adult Coloring Books

I don’t have much time to do coloring books of any type, though I have dabbled with making my own coloring pages now and again.

But I do happen to know coloring books are available in every category from extremely simple to extremely complex. I even saw some “draw by number” coloring books based on the Old Masters in a local store! I was astounded!

Here are few places that offer more advanced adult coloring books.

A Few Suggestions

Amazon is probably the first place most of us look for just about anything. The same is true for advanced adult coloring books. Just search “advanced adult coloring books” and you’ll end up with a collection numbering in the hundreds. Topics are widely varied, but this collection of hyper-realistic wolf drawings* is enough to intrigue me!

Bonus: Search for “color by number” on Amazon and be amazed.

Dover Publications is also a good source for advanced adult coloring books, as well as coloring books in nearly every other category. Make sure to check out their “Build a Poster and Window Collection.”

And of course, there’s always online auction sites such as eBay. Just type in your search terms and browse the results.

For the color theory drawing exercise I posted in April, I went to www.easypeasyandfun.com. They have a wide selection of free coloring pages of all levels and in a number of themes from elephants to botanical subjects to landscapes and random patterns.

Pinterest is also a great place to find free coloring pages to download.

Finally, do an internet search for coloring pages and you’ll come up with thousands of results.

Want to Make Your Own Coloring Pages?

Want to make your own coloring pages of some of your own photography? Print the photo you want to use, make a basic line drawing on tracing paper, then transfer the drawing to drawing paper, and color away.

I’ve recommended using adult coloring books as a tool to develop shading and blending skills. Making your own pages is the final step in drawing your own pages and making your own art!

One Caveat

Be careful! Not all of the adult coloring books are nice (or child safe.) Some are downright nasty, so wherever you decide to shop, shop with caution.

An Invitation

As already mentioned, I’m hoping to begin a regular weekly feature of answers to reader questions. My hope is to answer questions that are relevant to whatever the topic may be each month, but as you can see from this post, that’s not a rule I’ll strictly enforce.

If you have a question you’d like answered on the blog, either drop me a line through the contact box at the bottom of this page, or send me an email.

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