What’s Your Ideal Colored Pencil Class?

Every artist has an ideal colored pencil class or workshop in mind. I’d like to know yours.

What Does Your Ideal Colored Pencil Class Look Like?

Sometimes On-Line Art Classes Aren’t Enough

Learning art is one of those things best learned in person.

Whether you’re in a classroom setting with everyone working on the same project, an independent study group with each artist working on his or her own project, or one-on-one in the studio, you have the best chance of learning new skills and improving existing skills when you and your teacher are in the same room.

I’m Thinking about Starting Local Classes

Over the years, people have asked if I did local classes or private lessons. So far, the answer has always been “no.”

I’m thinking about changing that this Fall.

Plans are still in the very early stages, so this is the perfect time for me to get your thoughts on what an ideal colored pencil class looks like.

Possible Classes

A few general ideas are floating around in my thoughts these days. Nothing concrete to be sure, but enough to share basic details on a few possible classes.

Graphite for Beginners

Four or five weeks beginning with basic introduction to the tools and techniques of using graphite. Students would do a different drawing each week.

Colored Pencils for Beginners

Four to six weeks beginning with basic introduction to the tools and techniques of using colored pencil including layering and blending (without solvents or special supplies.) Students would then either do a different subject each week or work on a beginner’s tutorial kit such as one of these for the length of the class.

Colored Pencils for Intermediate to Advanced Artists

Ongoing, weekly. Each student brings a project to work on and I help them. No end date. Come and go as you’re able, pay as you go.

Got a Better Idea?

I’m open to suggestions. As I said at the beginning, planning is still in the very early stages, so if you have an idea or suggestion or something you’d love to work on but haven’t seen anywhere else, let me know.

And if you don’t live close enough to make the trip to Newton on a regular basis, but would be interested in a two- or three-day workshop, I’d be thrilled to hear your ideas for that, too.

So What Does Your Ideal Colored Pencil Class Look Like?

To make it easy to share your thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions, or anything else I’ve set up a survey. It’s easy to do and will take only two minutes to describe your ideal colored pencil class.

Ready? Just click this link to take the survey.

3 Replies to “What’s Your Ideal Colored Pencil Class?”

  1. This may sound weird, but I prefer a class where there is not much classification as “beginner,” “intermediate,” etc., but rather helping with trouble spots, the places where a person hit the wall, humps that are to get over, specific skills. I feel like there mistakes I keep making or insights I keep making that might be resolved by a teacher’s immediate input.

    1. George,

      Thank you for your comments.

      It sounds like you’re looking for an independent study setting in which each artist brings their own work and gets tips and pointers for the problem areas.

  2. I prefer to take classes on line because no one offers art classes in my area of Southern California. With online courses more people can be involved. With on line classes the most I can afford usually is $50- $100 dollars. I like to find classes that are affordable for me and cover areas where I want improvement. I do not care whether all members work on one project or we each work on our own.

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