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Announcing a brand new type of class and a new class. The new class is a watercolor pencil download, How to Draw a Tree Branch with Watercolor Pencils.

The new class is a downloadable class similar to the tutorials I’ve been offering for years, but packed with information.

Colored Pencil Class Downloads

About Downloadable Colored Pencil Classes

What separates these classes from traditional email drawing classes?

Easy! You get the first lesson, including everything you need to get started, the moment your payment is complete.

A link to the next lesson is included at the end of the lesson, so you can download the next lesson when you’re ready for it. No waiting for the next weekly email!

Each class lesson is presented in PDF format. You can work from your favorite digital device or print each lesson for future reference.

Unlike the regular tutorials I offer, students also have the opportunity to get email feedback directly from the artist.

About this Watercolor Pencil Class

Beginner & Higher

Ages 12 & Up

How to Draw a Tree Branch with Watercolor Pencils presents a four-step method for painting quick studies with watercolor pencils. It’s easy to learn, and can be used for more complete works with more practice.

The class is designed for beginners, but is also ideal for anyone who wants to learn watercolor pencil techniques.

It’s also suitable for ages 12 and up. This class is appropriate for budding artists younger than 12 with adult supervision.

Students are already achieving success.

This is my first attempt at using watercolor pencils, but it won’t be my last. I had fun doing this. Next I will try something of my own. Thanks!

Lori Willis

Read more about downloadable colored pencil classes or visit the How to Draw a Tree Branch page.

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