Virtual Workshop with John Middick

If you’re looking for something fun to do this month, I suggest a new virtual workshop with John Middick.

September 2020 Virtual Colored Pencil Immersion Workshop!

Presented live and recorded for you to view and download later.

In this workshop, you’ll be drawing on white Pastelmat paper.

The virtual workshop is on Saturday, September 19, 2020.

Saturday: September 19, 10:00am to 4:30pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Join instructor, and award-winning artist, John Middick, alongside your fellow classmates in this live, Virtual CP Immersion Workshop**.

You’ll be drawing this fresh cup of herbal tea with a lime wedge. If you’ve ever wanted to be challenged with textures, hard edges, and soft edges, all in the same drawing project, this project would certainly fill that need!

Virtual Workshop with John Middick

About the Project

In this live, virtual workshop John walks you through drawing a variety of textures to show texture, form, and value.

He’ll discuss how to depict glass objects and show reflections and transparency. He’ll also demonstrate how to create semitransparent layers of colored pencil to show reflection and to build up dark values.

Learn the drawing techniques used to create realistic artwork with this new art medium!

About the Workshop

In this 1-Day, Saturday (6.5 hours) workshop you’ll learn how the layering process works, the best pencil stroke techniques to use, several methods for erasing, how, and when to burnish!

You’ll also cover the following techniques:

  1. How to blend on Pastelmat paper
  2. Color choices and color matching
  3. Pencil pressure
  4. How to erase colored pencil
  5. Creating your Line Drawing and the layout for your road-map
  6. Composition considerations before starting the project
  7. Creating texture and value structure

Attend live, on-line during the virtual workshop, and then watch the recording at your convenience afterward.

After you sign up, you’ll get the following:

  • Supply List
  • Written Instructions¬†workbook (delivered the day of the workshop)
  • The Recording of the event¬†(a few days following the workshop)

YES! I want to sign up for John Middick’s Virtual Workshop!

** – You need a computer or iPad (or tablet) in order to participate in this virtual workshop. The workshop technology will be handled through Zoom meeting software and will work best on a large screen.

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