The Basics of Reflected Light

Let's talk a little bit about reflected light basics today. You've probably heard me mention reflected light in various tutorials and maybe even in a class if you've taken one of those. It's time to define what I'm talking about. What is Reflected Light? Reflected light is light that … Continue reading

Tips for Drawing Dogs and Puppies

A reader recently asked about tips for drawing dogs and puppies. An excellent topic, and one I could spend an entire month on without doing more than just scratching the surface. Here's the question. I would love more instruction on drawing dogs, any and all kinds of dogs and puppies. Thank you … Continue reading

Tips for Drawing Miniature Art

I've long been an advocate of drawing miniature art and small format art. Colored pencils are ideal for both, but I've also used oils, acrylics, and graphite---even a ball point pen---to make miniature art. We all know colored pencil is a slow medium. You don't have finish dozens of drawings to … Continue reading