Tag: <span>Artist Interviews</span>

Tag: Artist Interviews

Simplification in Art (And How to Achieve It)

There’s an old adage in the art world that less is more. Colorado colored pencil artist Dan Miller talks about his view of this important issue in his article, Simplification in Art.

If you’v ever wrestled with simplifying complex subjects, Dan can help you sort things out by sharing his experiences learning how to simplify. You don’t want to miss this!

I'm on the Sharpened Artist Podcast!

Guess what? I’m appearing on John Middick’s popular Sharpened Artist podcast today! How exciting is that? Cincinnati, Ohio artist, John Middick created the Sharpened Artist Podcast in the summer of 2015. A weekly audio show dedicated to colored pencil, the podcast reaches artists of all skill levels across the country …