Studio News for October 2023

Studio News for October 2023

Tme for studio news for October 2023! Let’s get to it.

Studio News for October 2023

The Biggest News of the Month

I have been asked to conduct a Jelly Bean class for Ann Kullberg.

What’s a Jelly Bean class?

Jelly Bean classes are online classes that are “small, sweet and hard to stop at just one.” They usually run between 60 and 90 minutes per class and are very affordable at only $35 per student.

Each class is limited to 35 students so there’s a lot of interaction between students and teacher.

My class is all about drawing dramatic landscapes like Spring Storm, shown below. This isn’t a tutorial as such, since it took over 40 hours to create this piece.

But I will be sharing tips, tools, and techniques for creating drama, a strong center of interest, and adding accents on Pastelmat. I’m already working on the demo pieces.

You can read more about the class or sign up for the class here. Even if you can’t attend the class live, students will receive a video link that remains good for as long as you have the link and internet access.

Studio News for October 2023
Spring Storm, Colored Pencil on Pastelmat
CP Magic!

The November issue of the magazine is ready and waiting for you here. Diana Ranstrom is the featured artist and she provided a great tutorial in which she creates a lovely floral painting with Inktense pencils.

If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at November’s online Reader Gallery here. It’s small but it’s worth it. For those who are looking for even more inspiration, click here to see reader galleries from 2021, 2022 and 2023.

It’s also time to start thinking about your best colored pencil work for this year. I’m planning another Best of issue of CP Magic! for February 2024, and I hope to your best 2023 drawing! Stay tuned for more information on that.

CP Treasures 9 and CP Hidden Treasures 8

CP Treasures 9 and CP Hidden Treasures 8 are now available from Ann Kullberg.

I submitted Faithful Lucy, and didn’t make it into CP Treasures 9. It sounds like I was in good company. Hundreds of artists submitted artwork for a publication that presents 130 images. That makes selection very difficult for those who have to make the decisions.

Fortunately, Ann also publishes CP Hidden Treasures for those top-notch images that weren’t selected for CP Treasures. Faithful Lucy did make it into that publication.

I’ve already seen my copy and it’s gorgeous. I will be ordering CP Treasures 9 for more eye candy. You can see CP Treasures 9 here, and CP Hidden Treasures 8 here.

Ann publishes these collections every eighteen months. I’m already thinking about what to draw for the next publications. I’m thinking about a landscape. Hmmmm…..

New Artist’s Journal Advanced Tutorial

In case you missed it, The Faithful Lucy Tutorial and Artist’s Journal published in mid-September. If you haven’t purchased a copy yet, you can do so here.

I also updated the Blue Roan Tutorial & Artist’s Journal, and published that as a second edition. It has more and better content than the original version. The second edition is available here.

Current Works in Progress

It probably won’t be a surprise, but I didn’t get much drawing done in October.

In fact, all the portrait work I did was setting up a portrait for a friend, so I could start the line drawing. There isn’t currently anything to show you except a blank grid page.

That’s because most of my drawing time has involved getting ready for the Jelly Bean class I talked about above. You’ll have to take the class to see that, but I am hoping to get at least two finished drawings out of the process sometime next year.

I did also look at the portrait of the white cat and think about working on it, but when I draw these days, it’s for the Jelly Bean class. No exceptions!

Looking to the Future

CP Magic! for 2024

2024 is nearly fully scheduled for the magazine. In fact, the only month still open are September and December. I still have artists to contact, but if you have a favorite artist you’d like to see featured in CP Magic!, drop me an email.

By the way, the December 2024 issue will be the 60th issue, marking five years of publishing the magazine. Is that a good time for a retrospective issue featuring favorite artists and articles. What do you think? I welcome your suggestions as always!

That’s the Studio News for October 2023

All told, a good month. I hope you had a good month, too.

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  1. Françoise

    Hi Carrie,
    Faithful Lucy should have been in CP Treasures 9 IMHO. I honestly can’t fathom why it didn’t make it.
    As you know, I have enrolled in the Jelly Bean class but I won’t be able to attend live because of the difference in time zones. This means you can sign up an extra student 🙂

    1. Francoise,

      Your seat in the Jelly Bean class is still yours. Because you signed up, you will have access to the video recording afterward.

      The only thing I can say about Faithful Lucy is that a lot of artists do pet portraits. There are quite few of them in CP Hidden Treasures. I haven’t yet gotten a copy of CP Treasures, but I’m guessing there are more in that.

      I’m happy to be included in either of the publications, but thank you for your thoughts and encouragement.

  2. Françoise Fortoul

    Hi Carrie,
    I certainly intend to watch the recording! (probably several times) – what I meant was that there will be room for one more student during the Zoom session since I won’t be able to attend live.

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