Studio News for November 2023

Studio News for November 2023

It’s time for the studio news for November 2023. It’s been a busy month in more ways than one, so let’s get to the news, beginning with the Big Story.

Studio News for November 2023

Jelly Bean Class Update

You may remember that I mentioned an invitation to do a Jelly Bean class for Ann Kullberg on December 9. Thanks to all of you loyal followers and readers, that class filled up quickly. What’s more, there were so many artists on the waiting list that we scheduled a second class. So I’ll be doing a class on December 9, and again on January 27.

By the way, the second class filled quickly, as well. I’m astounded and humbled. Thank you.

Jelly Bean Class Preparations

I did more drawing in November than I’ve done in months, mostly in preparation for the class. All of the artwork connected to the class is based on the reference photo for the drawing Spring Storm, shown here. I’m experimenting with composition and even with paper color, and learning a lot more about drawing stormy clouds. It’s been a challenge, but it’s also been fun.

Studio News for October 2023
Spring Storm, Colored Pencil on Pastelmat

As I’ve often said, even when you use the same photo over and over, no two pieces turn out the same. Even when you try to make them as close as possible, there are differences.

When you experiment with composition as I did, the differences are even more noticeable.

Despite that and despite the sense of urgency that accompanied drawing this month, it was also fun to see new artwork take shape day by day and week by week this month.

CP Magic!

The December issue of the magazine is ready and waiting for you here. Krista Oremus is the featured artist. You’ll enjoy meeting her, and her tutorial is a wonderful Christmas-themed project with a puppy. What could be better for December?

December’s online Reader Gallery is available here. Artists submitted a great collection of wonderful art ranging from realism to abstract.

Current Works in Progress

Despite having given so much time to landscape drawing, I also worked a little bit on a dog portrait for a friend. I finished the line drawing and mounted it to the drawing paper (white Pastelmat), but it has gone no further. The next step is transferring it to the Pastelmat. I’m hoping to have more time for that after Saturday, December 9!

What about Max, the long-haired white cat? That portrait is still hanging on the work-in-progress wall where I can see it. I thought about working on it once or twice in November, but always decided to wait.

Looking to the Future

CP Magic! for 2024

2024 is nearly fully scheduled for the magazine. I’m delighted with that development. Next year is the fifth year for the magazine, and I’m thinking about doing a retrospective for the last issue. What do you think? What would you like to see for a retrospective issue?

Your Best Colored Pencil Artwork of 2023

It’s also time to start thinking about your best colored pencil work for this year. I’m planning another Best of issue of CP Magic! for February 2024, and I hope to see your best 2023 drawing! Submissions are open now, but before you submit, it’s important to make sure you follow all the guidelines. I expect a lot of entries for this special issue, so make sure your entry is included, make sure you follow all the guidelines. You can read them here.

That’s the Studio News for November 2023

All told, a good month and a busy one. I hope you had a good month, too.

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  1. Patricia E Wilson

    WOW! You sure have been busy. I guess everyone is this time of year. Glad your classes were so well received and that they sold out for you. Everyone loves to learn something new. Thanks for all the tips, techniques and great articles you provide us with. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    1. Patricia,

      Things do seem to happen around this time of year. In 2022, it was doing the artwork and writing for a new tutorial for Ann, Painted Pony. This year, ZOOM classes.

      I can say one thing: Both things got me out of idleness at the drawing board and back to drawing, so that’s good!

      Thank you for the holiday wishes. I hope you have a good December and merry Christmas, too.

  2. Lesley Morgan

    Well done, Carrie, and thank you for all of your interesting posts during the past year. I particularly enjoy your comments on Pastelmat and also how to incorporate errors into our drawings.
    Me: lots of errors, hence lots of advice needed.
    I also agree that you are very modest in your approach which is extremely encouraging and comforting to new artists like me.
    Thank you so much.

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