Studio News for January 2024

Studio News for January 2024

Here we are in February 2024 already. It’s difficult to wrap my mind around, but it’s time for the studio news for January 2024.

Studio News for January 2024

Special News (like the Jelly Bean classes)

The Spring Storm Jelly Bean class originally scheduled for January 27 was postponed due to the unexpected death of a close friend. The funeral was the same day as the class. I could have done both, but was allowed to reschedule the class to February 3. I want to thank all of the students who graciously allowed this rescheduling to happen.

CP Magic! News
CP Magic! February 2024 275

The February issue of CP Magic! is ready and available for purchase. For the second year in a row, the February issue is a showcase of the best art from nearly fifty artists. The layout is different, with larger images.

This year’s showcase also includes artist’s comments and insights on their work. Each artist shares their thoughts on the subject, the tools and techniques they used, or special challenges they had to overcome. That makes this issue a learning tool as well as magnificent eye candy.

Current Works in Progress

I have two works in progress that I’m actually working on. One of them is a half-finished portrait that I can’t yet share with you. Hopefully next month.

The other drawing is one of those older drawings I mentioned in my post about 2024 goals. You may remember that one of my goals was to finish as many older, unfinished drawings as possible this year.

Well, I started this piece in March 2021, almost three years ago. I lost track of it until late last year and started working on it again in the middle of January, thinking it would be a cinch to finish. I had another think coming!

Part of the reason is that I decided to give the landscape a more spring-like feel, which meant changing the grass from drab brown to green. I just couldn’t get those greens to look right, no matter what I did.

I also made some compositional changes, so I ended up not finishing it in January.

Studio News for January 2024

However, it’s quite close to completion and I’m hoping to sign it sometime this month.

Looking to the Future

Late in January, while preparing for a special project and shopping for supplies, I discovered that Dick Blick sells pads of Stonehenge paper that are 3-1/2 by 2-1/2 inches in size (ACEO size). I was so excited by that discovery and by the possibility of sinking my artistic teeth into a series of ACEO landscapes, that I bought one pad of white Stonehenge and one pad of multi-color Stonehenge.

That got me to thinking about ways to involve readers, too. Ideas include an ACEO club of some sort or a series of tutorials on making ACEOs, but the possibilities are limitless.

What do you think? Are you interested in something like that? If you have any ideas, let me know.

That’s the Studio News for January 2024

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  1. Ohhhh…ACEO cards you say?…

    Now this sounds interesting! As one who works with colored pencil on a smaller scale to begin with, this sounds like something right up my alley!

    I have heard of these before but have yet to take the time to explore further.
    Carrie, your mention of this topic has surely piqued a lot of people’s interest, including myself.

    I think this a great idea and I look forward to hearing more on what you may have in store for us regarding thoughts and ideas. In the meantime, I think that I’ll be seeking out further information on this exciting format.

    Kim Vlahovich

  2. Gail Jones

    Carrie, I would LOVE to learn how to do miniature scenes in CP but wouldn’t know where to start or how to know what to include or leave out in tiny scenes. Could you maybe write something on that? Little scenes could be squeezed between bigger projects and be super fun because they could be done with little blocks of time. I would love to do this too.

  3. I can see by the number of comments regarding ACEOs that I will be doing something.

    The question is: What?

    Ideas running through my mind are a club or group where we each make our own ACEOs and then can trade them. Another idea is a virtual group where we can schedule a time to get together virtually and draw and chat. Sort of like a live stream.

    But I’d like your ideas, too, so feel free to offer suggestions in response to this comment, and let’s see what happens.

    1. That’s pretty much the same basic question for any size artwork.

      I have done full landscapes and head study portraits of horses as ACEOs, but I’m more likely to do studies, in which I draw an ear or a branch or a stone or something like that.

      I can see that I’ll have to write a post about this topic (maybe more than one) in the near future. So let me think things through and get a few things off my “must be done soon” to-do list and I’ll see what I can come up with.

  4. Carrie, I think that your ideas are great ones and both should be considered. The idea of trading them is a great way to exchange not only ideas but actual copies of other people’s art work.

    A thought came to mind that I wanted to share. Maybe consider having the readers of your magazine submit one ACEO per month based on the theme of your choice Carrie.

    Just about every month of the year has an event or holiday to celebrate or recognize.
    First day of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Groundhog day, St. Patrick’s Day, Earth Day…the list is endless and every time you tune into the news, it’s National “something” day. I doubt that we’d be stranded for ideas.

    Considering the size of the pieces, at 2.5″ x 3.5″, I think it would be a refreshing challenge and great incentive as well for us to take a little time each month to create a little something that could be shared and/or exchanged. Maybe devote a space in CP Magic for each monthly collection of submissions, similar to the Reader’s Gallery?

    Anyway, just a thought.

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