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Portrait Payment Plans

You’ve looked through enough portrait information to know you want to buy a portrait. But there’s one more question: What portrait payment plans are available.

Let’s talk about that.

Portrait Payment Plans

The Basic Payment Plan

The most basic payment plan is the One-Third Plan. It is the most common payment plan among portrait artists and it is very simple.

  1. One third of the price of the portrait is paid when the portrait is ordered and the contract signed
  2. One third is paid upon approval of the preliminary design
  3. The balance is paid upon approval of the final portrait and before the portrait is delivered

But those ‘one thirds’ can amount to a pretty good sized chunk of change for larger or more complicated portrait. Think of it as trying to buy a car with one-third payments.

People don’t buy cars with three payments. They buy cars on a monthly payment plan. That’s why I offer the “Get That Painting” Plan.

The “Get That Painting” Plan

So what is “Get That Painting”?

It’s a layaway plan for portraits!

This plan enables you to purchase a portrait and pay for it with payments you can live with. “Get That Painting” payments may be made for between four and twelve months. With this program, you have up to one full year to make full payment.

Payments are made on a regular, monthly basis until the portrait is paid for. Work on the portrait begins the amount you pay reaches the one-third deposit amount or at any time afterward.

You may even wait until the project is completely paid for before work begins. Whatever fits into your working schedule and budget.

Portrait Payment Plans

Whichever timetable you choose, I will ship your portrait upon receipt of the final payment.

Of course, you may make full payment at any time. You’re also welcome to make larger than scheduled payments.

Payments are set up subscription-style through PayPal. You can manually make credit card payments (also through PayPal,) or you can pay by personal check each month.

You pay no interest as long as you make payments on time. Late or missed payments will be assessed 1% interest on the late payment, with the additional charges added to the final payment.

Payment in Full with Order

You may also make payment in full when you place your order. Full payment up front earns you a 10% discount and avoids delays in delivery of your portrait due to missed or late payments.

Other Payment Options

If there is a payment option that is more comfortable for you and your budget, let me know. I’m more than happy to work out a schedule of payments and work that will be to our mutual advantage.

Method of Payment

Whatever plan we set up, you have several options for making those payments. Cash and personal checks are always acceptable, but I can also accept payment by many major credit cards through PayPal. PayPal guarantees that all payments are secure.

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