Portrait of a Black Horse Class

The newest email drawing class to launch is the portrait of a black horse class. This class features a shining black horse wearing a bridle and blue ribbons.

If you enjoy drawing horses, this is the class for you.

Portrait of a Black Horse

The class project is Black Tennessee Walking Horse II, shown below.

It contains all the same great content as the old Black Tennessee Walking Horse class, but in a redesigned format and with a new pricing structure.

Portrait of a Black Horse Class Project

The class is contains nine lessons; every one packed full of full color illustrations, step-by-step instruction, and great tips.

You will learn how to :

  • Layer colors to create rich, lively blacks
  • Draw short and long hair
  • Draw leather, metal, and ribbons
  • Correct small mistakes
  • Use the color of the paper to provide middle value
  • And more!

Skill Level

Beginner and higher.

This class is filled with information that students at any level can benefit from, but it includes a complete line drawing that can be printed and transferred to drawing paper.

It also includes color names at each step of the way for those who are not yet familiar with all the different colors and how they can be used.

I used Prismacolor pencils, but I’ve included color swatches with each lesson so you can color match if you have another brand of pencil.

Two Class Options

As with all current and upcoming email drawing classes, students now have two class options.

The Basic Class is for independent study students who want just the step-by-step lessons.

Basic class students get a new lesson each week, the reference photo, supplies list, and a line drawing they can use for a quick start.

The Premium Class is for students who want more than just lessons.

Premium class students get everything basic class students get, and personal feedback from me, the opportunity to ask questions, and to get personalized reviews of their project throughout the length the class.

Enrollment opens today. Class begins June 1.

Sign up for class now and get the supply list, reference photo, and printable line drawing immediately.

The first lesson delivers on June 1, and a new lesson follows every week until the class is completed.

Click the button below to learn more about the Portrait of a Black Horse class, or to enroll today!

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