Personalized Critiques for Reader Gallery Submissions

Personalized Critiques for Reader Gallery Submissions

Starting this month, I’m offering personalized critiques for Reader Gallery submissions.

What does that mean for you?

Each time you submit a work of art to the CP Magic! Reader Gallery, you can request a critique on that artwork.

Here are the details.

Personalized Critiques for Reader Gallery Submissions

Critiques are available to every artist who submits work to the CP Magic! Reader Gallery. There is no charge for critiques, but I will be able to critique only the work you submit to the Reader Gallery.

Critiques on Reader Gallery submissions are not automatic. If you want a critique, you must request one.

But requesting a personalized critique is easy. When you submit your work, tell me in your email that you would like a critique.

Please keep in mind that Reader Gallery submissions are open only from the eighth to the fifteenth of each month. I am not presently able to give critiques all of the time. Reader Gallery critiques will be offered after submissions close.

Personalized Critiques for Reader Gallery Submissions
How Critiques Work

When you request a critique, I will review your work and offer comments on what’s working with your artwork and areas for improvement. I may also offer suggestions on how to make improvements.

I will assume the goal with each piece is realism, so if your goal is different, let me know. For example, if your style is more impressionistic, let me know.

When to Expect Your Critique

Critiques are given after submissions for the Reader Gallery close on the fifteenth of the month.

I will send your critique as soon as possible after that date, but the promptness of giving critiques depends on the number of critiques requested. Weekends, holidays, family events and unexpected circumstances also determine the delivery of critiques.

I will conduct critiques in order in which I receive them; first received, first delivered.

See a sample critique by reading How to Know When a Drawing is Finished.

If you have questions, you can either contact me or leave a comment.

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