Painted Pony Tutorial with Colored Pencils

Painted Pony Tutorial with Colored Pencils

Big news! Ann Kullberg launched a new Painted Pony tutorial*, and I drew it!

About the New Painted Pony Tutorial

I drew this portrait on Sienna colored Clairefontaine Pastelmat using nothing but colored pencils. No solvents and no special tools. In fact, I used only 14 Faber-Castell Polychromos colors, and 3 Prismacolor Verithin Pencils!

Nor did I use any special techniques other than those made possible by working on textured art paper. What does that mean? I mixed layers of dark and white to draw white hair, shining highlights, and metal surfaces. You can’t effectively layer light colors over dark colors on traditional drawing papers, so if you have problems getting bright highlights, try this.

Get Help with Layering and Blending More Effectively

I receive a lot of questions from readers who want to know how to layer and blend colors. Since my all-time favorite blending method is the simple act of layering one color over another, I decided to focus on that with this tutorial.

So I show you how to create rich color and stunning values simply by layering.

Learn a Basic Three-Step Process

The process is also simple and begins with basic roughing in of base colors, followed by modeling (creating form with lights and darks.) The final stage is detailing. And you’ll do all of that with nothing but colored pencils and toned Pastelmat!

The tutorial includes the reference photo and line drawing, as well as tips and suggestions for effective layering and blending on Pastelmat.

Painted Pony Tutorial

Where You Can Get the Tutorial

The Painted Pony Tutorial is available in a digital format and in print from Ann Kullberg’s store. The print version is sold through Amazon.

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