October 2022 CP Magic!

October 2022 CP Magic!

How do you know when a new month has arrived? Another issue of CP Magic! publishes. October 2022 CP Magic! magazine is here, so it must be October!

What’s in October 2022 CP Magic!

October 2022 CP Magic! Magazine

Todd Baxter is the featured art for this issue of CP Magic! magazine.

You may know him for half-tone colored pencil portraits like Tiara and Tea (left.) But did you know he also does full-color colored pencil work AND is an accomplished oil painter?

With all that great color at his fingertips, why does he prefer half-tone work?

He discusses the motivation behind using one color of pencil on colored paper, as well as his transition from full-time self-employed graphic artist to fine artist.

He also shares his spacious and beautiful studio, and lists the three most important things in the studio.

And if you’re trying to earn an income from your art (or you want to,) you’ll find his eight suggestions for turning your art into income invaluable.

Todd also provided a great tutorial, but it’s not like most of the tutorials in CP Magic!. This tutorial is an advanced level tutorial that focuses more on creating a line drawing, than on rendering. Todd talks about his rendering techniques and shares valuable tips, but if you’ve always wanted better drawing skills, you will want to study this tutorial.

Also in This Issue

Creating Textures with Colored Pencils, Part 1

Cynthia Knox presents the first part of a two-part series describing how she creates all those wonderful textures using colored pencils. This month, she talks about flower petals, lace and metal.

Product Review: Art Spectrum Colourfix Smooth Pastel Paper

I bought new paper a few weeks ago. Well, it was new to me. Art Spectrum Colourfix Smooth Pastel paper has been around for a long time, but after talking about it with fellow artist, Carmen Barros, I decided to take the plunge and buy it.

It’s a beautiful paper and beautifully packaged. I didn’t have time to do a full-scale drawing on it, but there was time for a few basic experiments, and I share the results of those, along with samples.

Art Corners

The Art Corners column features an “electrified kitchen table.”

What? An electrified kitchen table? Absolutely!

The lucky artist is Shelley Oberholser, and this unique do-it-yourself upgrade allows her to not only use her powered devices for making art, but saves time, too.

If you work at your kitchen table, you don’t want to miss this!

That’s October 2022 CP Magic! magazine in Summary

There is, of course, much more. 44 pages worth of “more.”

You can buy the October 2022 Issue of CP Magic! here. Get 44 pages of great art and great art information for only $3.99!

All CP Magic! Products are digital downloads only.

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