New from Ann Kullberg

Jumpstart Level 3: Country Cottage

Draw a beautiful sky, green grass, and fields of flowers in ten steps with this tutorial by Judith Selcuk.

  • Simplified drawing method
  • Use Bristol for smooth color and layering
  • Learn how to create rich color with only three pencils
  • Tips for drawing flowers, believable landscape greens, and water

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Five beautiful lessons in a variety of subjects on Pastelmat!

And all in one book!

Artist Amy Lindenberger shows you step-by-step how to create stunning colored pencil work on Pastelmat in CP Surfaces – Pastelmat.

What’s Inside

  • Five beautiful, complete, step-by-step demos
  • Techniques for hair, reflections, landscapes, feathers and more
  • A variety of blending techniques
  • Glossary
  • Strategies to use colored surfaces to speed up your work

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CP Treasures 6

See the best of colored pencil art from around the world.

121 artists working in realism, fantasy, abstract, impressionism and more await your discovery. You’ll be awed by the potential of colored pencil.

You’ll also be motivated to get out those pencils and create your own master works.

Digital downloads are available now. Paperback books begin shipping April 17, 2019.

Now Available

CP Hidden Treasures 5

There were over 1,100 entries for CP Treasures 6. There was space for only 120.

But that’s not the end.

Over 240 pieces of exceptional art were collected into CP Hidden Treasures 5. It’s the perfect companion book to CP Treasures 6.

Digital downloads are available now. Paperback books begin shipping April 17, 2019.

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In-Depth Tutorial, Peaches in Colored Pencil

Peaches In-Depth Tutorial

Artist Mandy Peltier shows you step-by-step how to draw these luscious peaches in the new tutorial from Ann Kullberg.

Learn exciting new tips and tricks, too. For example, did you know….

  • You can make your work completely erasable
  • Add as many layers as you like
  • Blend colors without solvents

This tutorial is a great way to learn how to Brush & Pencil products, too. So if you’ve wanted a good way to get try them, this is it!

Available as PDF download and in print.

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From Sarah Renae Clark

The Color Catalog

The Color Catalog is a fully interactive, digital tool designed to help you pick colors for your next project.

Browse by color, by keyword, or by collection.

The Color Catalog includes:

  • Designs inspired by the seasons
  • Designs inspired by the holidays
  • Landscape & floral designs
  • and much more

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New from Carrie L. Lewis

Drawing a Landscape in Gray Light

Intermediate & Higher

Learn step-by-step how to draw a realistic landscape by glazing color over an umber under drawing.

Five weekly lessons walk you through setting up to draw, sketching the composition, drawing the under drawing, color selection, and glazing color.

Lessons include:

  • Making a good beginning
  • The umber under drawing
  • The first color layers
  • Finishing the drawing
  • And more

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