New Ideas for CP Magic Magazine

New Ideas for CP Magic Magazine

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to consider new ways of doing things and new ways to share information with you, my reader. Today, I’d like to talk about new Ideas for CP Magic magazine.

The philosophy behind this blog has always been to share the best information I can with readers who want to learn more about colored pencils. When I started publishing CP Magic! magazine in January 2020, I incorporated the same philosophy into that endeavor.

A lot of things have changed since that very first issue, but there will always be ways to improve the magazine (and blog). So I’d like to share with you some of the article ideas I’m thinking about for the magazine.

New Ideas for CP Magic Magazine

Unique Drawing Surfaces

Most people think of drawing paper when they think of drawing surfaces. But colored pencils are so versatile that there are a lot of other surfaces you can draw on.

So one of the ideas under consideration is a regular column in which artists describe some of the interesting and different surfaces they use colored pencils on. Have you ever drawn on glass, for example? Or rocks or plastic?

New Ideas for CP Magic! Magazine

Colored pencils are useful on so many different surfaces that no one artist has time to try them all. I know I don’t. I still haven’t used drafting film for a landscape, for example. Have you? If you have, I know other readers would be thrilled to see how your work turned out and hear about your special tools or techniques.

Special Techniques and Methods

Do you have a special tool or method for drawing curly hair, animal whiskers or water?

Have you found a particular non-art tool to be the key to your drawing success?

What about time management and storing art supplies?

Those are all great topic ideas for a series of articles in which artists describe the special techniques, methods or tools they use.

Hard to Find Information & Product Reviews

Have you ever wanted to do something specific but that you’ve never done before? Have you ever looked for that information online and been unable to find it? I sure have!

You ended up teaching it to yourself the old school of Trial-and Error.

I would love to publish articles on topics like this, because they help other artists learn what you’ve learned.

Unbiased product reviews are also helpful to other artists in making informed decisions about the art supplies and tools that might be the most helpful to them. If you’ve recently tried a new pencil, paper or other tool, this is your opportunity to tell us about it.

A Few Details

In general, each of the topics I’ve described above would be presented as one-page articles with illustrations, although I am also happy to consider two-page or longer articles on more complex topics.

My overall goal is to run an article on one of these topics each month as they are available. I would like to begin in the March 2024, so let me know what great ideas you have and let’s talk!

The Bottom Line

Thank you to the readers who have made suggestions for possible new directions for the magazine. I’m always open to other suggestions from readers. After all, I can only guess at what you most want to read about here and in the magazine. When you share your ideas and thoughts, then I don’t have to guess!

If you’d like more information about writing for the magazine or this blog, additional details are available here.

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    1. Betty,

      Thank you for your suggestion. Every issue already includes a tutorial by the featured artist. Tutorials cover a variety of subjects and styles, and some are also mixed media with colored pencil, so you may want to check out the back issues.

      Thank you for your suggestion.

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