New Colored Pencil Tutorial

Announcing a brand new colored pencil tutorial from pet portrait artist, Peggy Osborne.

The Classy Chestnut Horse tutorial will help you gain confidence in your drawing skills.

New Colored Pencil Tutorial - Classy Chestnut Horse

Horses are among the most beautiful animals in the world.

They can also be among the most difficult to draw with confidence.

Peggy Osborne’s Classy Chestnut Horse tutorial is designed to help you gain confidence. Step-by-step descriptions make it seem like Peggy is sitting at the drawing board with you, sharing her tips and techniques.

You’ll learn all about using colored pencils on mat board—a delight if you’ve never before used mat board as a drawing support.

The tutorial includes sections on drawing short, sleek horse hair, and a long, flowing mane and forelock. You’ll see how to work with a textured drawing surface and still get smooth, vibrant color. Peggy shares how she blends with odorless mineral spirits to create a richly saturated black background quickly and easily.

Are you Ready for a New Colored Pencil Tutorial?

If you’ve always wanted to draw a horse, but have just never taken that first step, try this new colored pencil tutorial. You’ll have so much fun drawing with Peggy, you won’t realize how much you’re learning.

Get your copy of Peggy’s Classy Chestnut Horse tutorial here.

Buy two or more tutorials and receive a 10% discount. Type tutorials in the discount box at checkout.

See more of Peggy’s work at Pet Portraits by Peggy. You can also meet Peggy in the January issue of CP Magic.

Peggy is an accomplished self-taught artist living in Canada specializing in creating beautiful realistic portraits of pets and family members. She’s had an on going love affair with colored pencils, loving their simplicity, for as long as she can remember.

She started out using graphite pencil so it was an easy transition to carry on with colored pencils. Love of animals and art go hand in hand. Peggy is in awe of what can be accomplished with colored pencils.

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