Baby Goat Tutorial

Baby Goat Tutorial

Announcing a brand new colored pencil tutorial from pet portrait artist, Peggy Osborne. A new tutorial with a twist; a baby goat tutorial!

Her Baby Goat tutorial not only shows you how to draw eyes and fur, but gives you the opportunity to decide how you’ll finish your baby goat drawing..

New Colored Pencil Tutorial

“This little cutie is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf goat kid. Yes, baby goats are called kids.

“Goats make me happy, there is just something so unique and beautiful about them and they make really beautiful art.” – Peggy Osborne

If you, like Peggy, enjoy drawing subjects that make you smile, look no further!

Follow along with Peggy as she draws one of her favorite subjects, a baby goat. You’ll feel like Peggy is sitting beside you, guiding you through detailed descriptions, full-color, step-by-step illustrations and tips.

You’ll learn valuable skills like layering and blending, using different types of pencil strokes to create textures, and a blurred background. Peggy also describes how she blends with solvent, and how she mixes and uses Titanium White mixture with Touchup Texture.

But that’s not all. With this tutorial, you have two options for finishing your drawing. With or without a background!

Ready for a New Baby Goat Tutorial?

This tutorial is perfect if you’re already a pet portrait artist who wants to improve your skills. Not yet a pet portrait artist, but hoping to become one? This tutorial is for you, too.

And if you’re just looking for a new project to draw, then why not give this tutorial a try?

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About Peggy Osborne

See more of Peggy’s work at Pet Portraits by Peggy. You can also meet Peggy in the January issue of CP Magic.

Peggy is an accomplished self-taught artist living in Canada specializing in creating beautiful realistic portraits of pets and family members. She’s had an on going love affair with colored pencils, loving their simplicity, for as long as she can remember.

She started out using graphite pencil so it was an easy transition to carry on with colored pencils. Love of animals and art go hand in hand. Peggy is in awe of what can be accomplished with colored pencils.

Want to see a free sample of Peggy’s dog portrait tutorials and writing style first? Read How to Draw a Golden Retriever on this blog.