My Art is in CP Hidden Treasures!

My Art is in CP Hidden Treasures!

I have a colored pencil landscape in CP Hidden Treasures Volume 6!

My Art is in CP Hidden Treasures, Volume 6

CP Treasures

Ann Kullberg publishes an art book called CP Treasures every eighteen months or so. The purpose of CP Treasures is to provide a snapshot of the world of colored pencil art.

Artists from around the world submit their best work for each issue. CP Treasures is a collection of the best of those entries.

This year’s edition, CP Treasures Volume 7, features 112 pieces selected from over 900 entries!

Each piece of art is accompanied with comment from the artist. If you’ve ever wondered what inspires artists to make the art they make, this is a great source for answers.

What About All Those Other Entries?

That’s where CP Hidden Treasures comes in.

Selected works from the remaining entries are featured in a second collection of work called CP Hidden Treasures. This year’s edition of CP Hidden Treasures contains 208 pieces of artwork of all subjects and styles and by artists from around the world.

And that’s where my piece, Spring Storm, enters the picture.

Spring Storm

Spring Storm is my first piece on Clairefontaine Pastelmat, was the featured tutorial in the March 2020 issue of CP Magic, and is also the subject for an expanded, standalone tutorial.

Not bad for a “practice” piece!

Now Available!

Both books are now available in either digital or print versions. I love print books, so that’s what I ordered. They’re beautiful!

If you want to see cutting edge colored pencil work, these two art books are for you.

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