A Message of Encouragement to My Readers

A Message of Encouragement to My Readers

Today, I want to take a little time to share a message of encouragement with my readers; with you.

I don’t usually talk about current events here, because that’s not what this space is for.

I didn’t intend to talk about the present situation either. There’s already more than enough talk, and much if it is not helpful. I didn’t want to add to the hype, and I still don’t.

But I’ve been reading your emails and comments, and have decided it’s time to at least let you know I’m getting your messages and well wishes.

A Message of Encouragement to My Readers 2

Thank you to everyone who has asked about our well being over the last few weeks and who continue to do so.

We’re doing fine and have actually seen very little change to our daily routine (other than shopping, of course.) I’ve been working at home for ten years, after all.

As a matter of fact, Neal and I have been busier than ever despite what’s happening around us and around the world. We’re both old enough to understand that nothing lasts forever, good or bad. The only thing to do is keep moving forward.

That may seem difficult these days, but it’s worth however much effort it takes.

My Message of Encouragement to You

I don’t know how bad this situation really is. I believe very few people truly know that. It’s next to impossible to accurately evaluate any situation when you’re in the middle of it. I know that from personal experience—recent and past.

It’s also difficult to maintain any sense of equilibrium during any kind of crisis. It seems like the situation will never end, and that life will never be the same afterward.

But nothing lasts forever. Not good times, not bad times.

And, all media hype aside, there have definitely been much darker days in this country (I’m writing from the United States,) and around the world. The fact of the matter is that for many people, the Coronavirus has taken a backseat to more personal life events.

There have been challenges for many of us in the last few weeks. Yes, some of us have lost loved ones or have loved ones who test positive. I have a niece, nephew, and sister working in healthcare, two of them in retirement facilities. My niece has been exposed, so I know how that feels.

But unreasonable fear does no one any good, least of all the one enslaved by it.

It’s in response to that overwhelming sense that the world is about to end that I am writing.

Things have been bad before.

You don’t have to go back very far to remember the Swine Flu, the Bird Flu, and any number of other seasonal flu events. It seems like there’s a new one every year.

Go back a little further and you find the Irish Flu and Spanish Flu, both of which were much worse than what we presently face.

Things looked bad then, but they passed and life resumed.

Things look bad now, but this too will pass and life will pick up pretty much where it left off.

My message to my readers is that few things are ever as bad as they seem at the time, and that there is hope.

So What’s the Bottom Line?

What I hope you realize is that this post isn’t about the Coronavirus. It’s about staying on an even keel and holding course no matter what happens.

Yes. Take reasonable precautions.

No, don’t let panic drag you under.

What I Plan to Do

Take Reasonable Precautions

That includes staying home, but also getting outside to walk and get some sun, washing my hands regularly, and guarding personal space for myself and the people around me.

Listen to Local Authorities

When I want or need information, I go to the local authorities. City and county first, then the state if necessary. If you need or want more information than that, skip the mainstream media and check out the Center for Disease Control for the latest updates in the United States.

Maintain the Regular Routine

I’m carrying on here in southwest Kansas just like I did before.

CP Magic will continue to publish each month.

I’ll publish new downloadable classes and tutorials to help you improve your skills and maybe learn new ones.

I’ll draw as often as I can, and I’ll take care of the family, the cats, take walks, and putter around the yard. I’m even considering some kind of sketching challenge to keep my pencils moving across the paper.

Trust God

The most important message of encouragement I can offer is to have (or come to) faith.

The most important part of my daily routine is faith-based. On trying or frightening days, I spend more time in prayer, thanksgiving, and the Scriptures. My trust that God was not surprised by this situation (or any other,) that there is a reason for it (even though I don’t know what it is,) and that He has already ordained the restoration of life afterward is all that stands between me and total paralysis.

It’s all that keeps me putting one foot ahead of the other.

It can do the same for you, too.

That’s my Message of Encouragement for You, Dear Reader

What I’m encouraging you to do is be aware of the circumstances, but don’t let them paralyze you. Take reasonable precautions. Behave sensibility. Keep your head.

And keep creating.

I recently wrote a more in-depth article on this subject for EmptyEasel. If you want more specific tips, read 3 Tips for Artists on How to Survive this Crisis and prepare for the end of it.

Because there is an end and I believe it is in sight.


  1. Richard Steffens

    I couldn’t have said it better, Carrie! I also have a daughter who works in an elderly care facility where there’s been a bit of an outbreak of coronavirus cases. I worry more about her and her family along with my son & his family than I do about myself. God Bless & take care.

  2. Gail Jones

    Very well said Carrie, and very encouraging. Thank you! My faith in Christ is what I am clinging to right now. Something someone said about the God of the Bible is playing over and over in my head when I get anxious. “If you can’t see His hand, trust His heart.” God loves us. I am also finding much comfort in reading in the book of Psalms. Also when all is said and done we can focus on the beauty around us and sketch it, color it, paint it or embroider it, etc. That also would be a positive focus. God bless you my sweet friend.

  3. Karin

    Thank you so much for this encouraging message. You have a wonderful way with words. As uncertain as all of this is, one silver thread keeps shining through, and that is the good and best it’s bringing out in so many people. Hidden talents shyly emerge, communication lines open up as acquaintances check up on each other, hearts and wallets open and most important of all is people seeking God once again. I picture Him seated on His throne and leaning over as He watches the world ever so intently …. and with the greatest love. Take care.

  4. Henry

    Very inspiring message. I have been reading the book of Job recently, and it has provided wonders for me to know that I was not alone, am not alone, and will not never be alone. The Lord has a plan, we just need to trust Him.

    1. Job is definitely a good book to read. Whenever I start thinking about how “bad” my circumstances might be, all I have to do is remember what Job endured.

      But don’t forget the end. Job ended up with more than he lost after all was said and done!

  5. Well put, Carrie. We live very similar lives, with a similar approach. I think the reason for the virus is simply sin, the fallen world that we occupy. God specializes in turning poo into fertilizer (Romans 8:28, my paraphrase), and it will be wonderful to see Him do that with this situation.

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