New Magazine for Colored Pencil Artists

The first big endeavor for 2020 is a new magazine for colored pencil artists.

CP Magic is a monthly digital publication written by a colored pencil artist—yours truly—for colored pencil artists at all levels. That’s you!

Magazine for Colored Pencil Artists CP Magic Magazine Initial Cover

New Magazine for Colored Pencil Artists

Each issue features an artist interview and a tutorial by the same artist, so you can meet the artist, learn something about their work and artistic journey, AND see how they do the art they do.

I’m delighted to feature pet portrait artist Peggy Osborne as my first guest. Her monthly tutorials have rapidly become reader favorites, so it’s a special honor to give her this place of recognition.

I’m also including a featured reference photo with each issue, so readers can practice their drawing skills on something different each month. Subjects will include landscapes, flowers, clouds, and, of course, cats!

CP Magic magazine artist interview
Interview with Peggy Osborne
Magazine for Colored Pencil Artists - CP Magic Tutorial
Peggy’s tutorial of a black horse
Before-and-after clinic

Features I’m hoping to add in the future include a reader question and the answer, and a critique.

There is no subscription plan. Issues will be available for purchase when they publish and afterward.

There’s no way to buy in advance, either. I just wanted to let you know what was ahead. I hope you’re as excited about this new magazine as I am!

Get your copy of CP Magic January Issue here.

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