Long Haired Cat Tutorial from Peggy Osborne

Long Haired Cat Tutorial from Peggy Osborne

Introducing the latest from Peggy Osborne: a long haired cat tutorial.

Beautiful, full-color illustrations provide step-by-step progress images of the portrait. Easy-to-read and follow descriptions tell you what Peggy did at each step.

But there’s more.

Ginger Cat Tutorial Cover 600

What I like best about this tutorial isn’t Peggy’s conversational style of teaching. Yes, she makes you feel like she’s sitting beside you while you work, and that’s great. What I like best about this tutorial is the personality and character of her subject.

As she says in her introduction, cats are natural subjects because they’re so unique and individual. No two are alike.

Maine Coon cat lovers already know that these cats are even more unique. From their tufted ears and luxurious manes to their attitude. They’re perfect portrait subjects!

That’s why I think this is Peggy’s best tutorial yet.

Long Haired Cat Tutorial from Peggy Osborne

This a must-have tutorial if you’re at all interested in drawing pets. Or animals of any type, for that matter.

With the Ginger Cat tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw fur of different lengths and color transitions. Peggy demonstrates how to lay down base colors, then add details layer-by-layer to draw thick, long fur. Create color, value, depth and realism!

See how Peggy mixes and uses Brush & Pencil’s Titanium White mixture to add detail. She includes tips for easy mixing and easier clean up.

She uses Strathmore toned grey mixed media paper and Prismacolor pencils, but you can successfully complete the portrait with supplies you have.

Skill Level

Intermediate and higher.

But don’t let the skill level sway you. This tutorial contains information for students at any level. If you’ve found Peggy’s tutorial posts helpful, then you can successfully complete this tutorial.

The tutorial is designed for students who have a basic understanding of colored pencil methods, but it’s also ideal for artists who want to stretch their skills.

It’s suitable for ages 12 and up.

Get your Ginger Cat tutorial today.

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