June 2022 CP Magic! is Here!

June 2022 CP Magic! is Here!

The June 2022 issue of CP Magic! magazine is here! Check it out here.

What’s in June 2022 CP Magic!

2022-06 CP Magic

The featured artist is Victoria Manser. I’m sure you’ve seen her beautiful horses and other animals.

Victoria has found many ways to express her creativity, and she talks about her life as an artist. Her work is very realistic, as you can see in this cover image (left.) But her goal is not photo realism. Does that surprise you? It did me.

Meet her and hear all about her artistic journey.

Her tutorial is a “high- definition” mini demo showing you how she draws such stunningly realistic fur. The tutorial is on Pastelmat, so if you’ve wanted to try this textured art paper, this is your chance to do a small study.

You know what?

It’s also a great opportunity to try your hand at drawing fur if you’ve never done that before. If you have drawn animals before, Victoria’s tutorial will help you draw more realistic looking fur.

Also in this Issue

This month’s featured article is the second in a three-part series focusing on taking your own reference photos. This time, I’ll tell you how I select the best images from the photos I’ve taken, and how I process them.

Other articles include a discussion of artistic mediocrity versus excellence, and a discussion on the merits of social media for marketing. Is it really necessary for everyone?

California artist, Gail Jones shares her tips for working in a very small space in the Art Corner’s column.

Have you noticed how much difference there is in blending with solvent on regular drawing paper and on sanded art papers? Have you ever wondered why that is? Read a short explanation in Using Solvents: Absorbent vs. Non- Absorbent Papers.

Whatever your interest, I hope you’ll check out the June issue of CP Magic! magazine. You can buy it for $3.99 here.

Of course, back issues are always also available, so browse through all of them.

All CP Magic! Products are digital downloads only.

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