2018 Drawing a Week Gallery

Welcome to my 2018 Drawing a Week Gallery!

2017 included a number of special art-related projects that required a lot of time and effort to complete. While each one required creating a new drawing, I ended up not doing much regular drawing for myself. So at the end of the year, I decided to challenge myself to do one drawing a week all of 2018.

2018 Drawing a Week Gallery

About the 2018 Drawing Challenge

The rules were simple. One drawing a week every week for a total of 52 new drawings.

Since I also set a companion goal of one gallery-quality drawing per month, I decided to keep the weekly drawings to 4×6 inches or less.

I also hoped they would be gallery-quality, but the challenge quickly became the means for trying new methods and techniques.

So the collection is present here in chronological order. I’ve also posted about each drawing, the things that went right, and the things that didn’t, so look for those Weekly Drawing posts.

2018 Drawing a Week Gallery

Ready for Your Own Art Challenge?

I hope this collection of work inspires you to your own personal art challenge.

It doesn’t matter what type of challenge you give yourself, or for how long. What matters is that you set a goal, and then work toward achieving it. It won’t take very many drawings before you begin to see improvement.

And besides, it’s great fun to see the drawings collect over the course of your challenge!