Drawing on Drafting Film with Peggy Osborne

Drawing on Drafting Film with Peggy Osborne

If you’re like me, you’ve seen a lot of artists drawing on drafting film with colored pencils. You love the work they’re doing and, maybe (like me,) you’ve also wondered what that’s all about.

I haven’t yet tried drafting film. I’m having too much fun with Pastelmat and have some of the new Lux Archival to play with, so drafting film is way down my list.

Even so, I’m thrilled to let you know that if you want to try drafting film and are waiting for the right tutorial, you’re in luck. Peggy Osborne tried drafting film and wrote her January tutorial about her experiences.

Drawing on Drafting Film

Drawing on Drafting Film

In short, she loves it!

Peggy’s new tutorial tackles a favorite subject by drawing cat eyes. The perfect subject to show you how much color and life you can put into a drawing when you draw on both sides of drafting film.

Drafting film is not your typical drawing surface, however, and Peggy also shares valuable tips for selecting colors and layering for maximum impact.

The tutorial includes a full supply list, a color chart so you can match colors if you don’t have Prismacolor pencils, and a line drawing. A full-size reference photo is also included. No additional downloads after you purchase the tutorial. It’s all included!

Are You Ready to Draw on Drafting Film?

This tutorial is perfect if you’ve never tried drafting film but are ready to try it out. You can’t do better than Peggy’s easy-to-read and follow instructions and beautiful illustrations.

And if you’re just looking for a new project to draw, then why not give this tutorial a try?

Click here to buy your copy of Peggy’s Cat Eyes on Drafting Film tutorial.

About Peggy Osborne

See more of Peggy’s work at Pet Portraits by Peggy. You can also meet Peggy in the January issue of CP Magic.

Peggy is an accomplished self-taught artist living in Canada specializing in creating beautiful realistic portraits of pets and family members. She’s had an on going love affair with colored pencils, loving their simplicity, for as long as she can remember.

She started out using graphite pencil so it was an easy transition to carry on with colored pencils. Love of animals and art go hand in hand. Peggy is in awe of what can be accomplished with colored pencils.

Want to see a free sample of Peggy’s dog portrait tutorials and writing style first? Read How to Draw a Golden Retriever on this blog.