Drawing a Landscape in Gray Light Class

I’m delighted to announce a brand new email drawing class: Drawing a Landscape in Gray Light.

Based on my original drawing, Late Spring in the Flint Hills, Gray Light officially launches May 1, 2019.

Drawing a Landscape in Gray Light—The Details

Each lesson is a complete mini-tutorial with illustrations and instructions, as well as special tips unique to the subject, the paper, the lesson, and other details.

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Late Spring in the Flint Hills is the subject of Drawing a Landscape in Gray Light

Individual lessons cover:

  • Sketching a composition freehand
  • Drawing an umber under drawing
  • Glazing color
  • Solvent blending
  • And much more

Students will also see how to improve on the color of a reference photo that isn’t ideal.

Skill Level

Intermediate and Higher

The class requires basic freehand drawing skills. Beginners can take this class and do well, but it may be more of a challenge for them.

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Two Levels of Learning

For the first time, I’m offering students two choices with email drawing classes. Not all students want the same things from the classes they take.

Some prefer independent study. They want the lessons, but either don’t need or don’t want feedback from the artist. Their way of learning is to just do the lessons and learn.

For these students, the Basic Level is just right. Averaging $5 per lesson, the Basic Level provides all the written material. Students receive regular lessons, but work at their own pace and do their problem solving.

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Other students want to do a tutorial, but also want one-on-one help from Carrie.

For those students, the Premium Level is ideal.

Premium Level students get everything the Basic Level students get, but they also get personal feedback from Carrie upon request. They can ask questions, and also have their work critiqued at any time during the class and as many times as they wish.

For more information on this class and to enroll, visit the class page.

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