Draw Clouds in Graphite Tutorial

A new tutorial, Draw Clouds in Graphite, is now available.

Draw Clouds offers students at all levels the opportunity to learn how to draw clouds.

Draw Clouds in Graphite

About Draw Clouds in Graphite

I wrote this tutorial to encourage artists to take up the challenge to get outside and draw. So the tutorial begins with tips on setting up to draw outside as well as choosing a subject.

But it doesn’t stop there.

A step-by-step tutorial follows, showing how I draw clouds using nothing but graphite pencils and an eraser or two. I use the same drawing method described in Draw From Life in Three Easy Steps. It can be mastered by any artist from beginner upward who is willing to take the time to draw regularly.

I realize however, that not everyone can get outside to draw. Nor can every artist can easily view clouds or take pictures of them. So I’ve put together a collection of some of my favorite cloud photos. The photos are my own so anyone can start drawing clouds the moment they download the tutorial.

Read more about Draw Clouds in Graphite or get your copy by clicking here.

Draw Clouds in Graphite is perfect for anyone who wants to learn to draw clouds from life. You can also use the same method to draw from reference photos. It’s also the perfect companion to Draw From Life in Three Easy Steps.

Skill Level

Beginner and higher.

This tutorial includes a complete, easy-to-get supply list and suggestions for drawing outside. It also contains over half a dozen reference photos so you can start drawing clouds today!

If you’ve ever wanted a good, basic drawing tutorial, this tutorial is for you. Start drawing better drawings now!

Read more about Draw Clouds in Graphite or get your copy by clicking here.

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