The Only Blending Methods You’ll Ever Need for Colored Pencil

If you’re serious about colored pencil art, but are looking for ways to speed up the drawing process, you need to take a look at blending methods. But there are so many. Which ones are best?

The Only Blending Methods You’ll Ever Need for Colored Pencil

The Only Blending Methods You'll Ever Need for Colored PencilCarrie has been creating colored pencil art for years and has tried all kinds of blending methods from traditional to just plain odd.

In this lesson, she shares the three types of blending that have worked best for her work, why she uses them, and how she uses them. If you’ve ever wondered what blending methods might work best for you, this lesson is a must read.

The lesson  is written with Carrie’s unique ability for clear, concise writing in a conversational style. If you enjoy her weekly tutorials, you’ll love this lesson.

It’s written for beginning artists of all ages, too. If you have a son or daughter, niece or nephew interested in the basics of drawing, this is a good place to start.

From the Introduction

Artists love tools. Things that make the work they do easier, faster, more beautiful. Painters collect brushes and supports to use with all those gorgeous colors.

Sculptors have tools of all sizes and varieties to bring their visions to life.

Colored pencil artists are no different. Boxes full of pencils in a rainbow of colors are just the beginning!

Since colored pencil is a slow medium by nature, colored pencil artists are perhaps more susceptible to looking for methods and tools that make the process faster. It’s natural to want to finish as quickly as possible, if only to get on with the next project!

That includes ways to blend better, faster, more completely.

But what are the best ways to blend? In a world where everything from baby oil to painting solvents are being used by some artist somewhere, how do you know which methods are best? If your work is fine art, what methods are most archival?

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