Reflected Light What It Is and How it Affects Your Art

Reflected light happens all the time, even in low light situations. Knowing how to accurately draw it brings your drawings to life.

Knowing when and how reflected light happens is key to drawing it accurately.

Reflected Light What It Is and How it Affects Your Art

Reflected Light What It Is and How It Affects Your Art IconNo matter what or how you draw or paint, what you’re really working with is light. Your subject is only the means by which you depict light.

The most noticeable light is direct light, whether from an artificial source or a natural source. But that’s not the only type of light.

Reflected light is light that comes from a source other than the primary light source. It bounces off something else and strikes whatever object you’re drawing or painting.

From the Introduction

For the longest time, my portraits looked flat. No matter how much my techniques or materials improved, I just couldn’t seem to get rid of the flatness. My subjects just didn’t look real. They didn’t look like living creatures.

Then I discovered the magic of reflected light.

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Reflective objects

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