Painting a Landscape Using an Umber Under Painting Ebook

This ebook shows you step-by-step how to create a spring landscape under a gray sky. The tutorial includes a full description of the under painting phase, color glazing through several layers, and the finishing touches, as well as tips and suggestions for improving your art experience, as well as your works.

Painting a Landscape Using an Umber Under Painting Ebook

Painting a Landscape Using an Umber Under Painting 188This book could be your first step to better, more realistic landscape paintings with colored pencils and colored paper.

It also includes a full materials list, and Carrie’s photo reference in case you wish to paint your own landscape.

If you prefer, you can use your own reference photo with each of these steps.

From the Introduction

When I began drawing landscapes for their own sake, as opposed to as “props” for horse portraits, the biggest challenge I faced was creating realistic landscape greens. I searched books for information because that was all I had access to in those days. There weren’t many books focusing on colored pencils, though, so my research was mostly from oil painting books.

When the internet—and especially YouTube—became popular, I started watching videos, too. Always in search of the key that would unlock the magic door to painting wonderful and realistic landscapes.

What I found was discouraging.

There was no key because there was no magic door.

I didn’t really find the solution to my problem until I adapted the under painting method I’d been using for oil painting to colored pencil painting. Especially the umber under painting method.

Since those days, I’ve used the umber under painting method with colored pencils to draw horses and landscapes. It has proven particularly helpful with landscapes.

About Painting a Landscape Using an Umber Under Painting

Based on the landscape painting, Late Spring in the Flint Hills

66 pages

Step-by-step instructions & illustrations

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