Introduction to Colored Pencils

Introduction to Colored Pencil is a three-lesson class in which you’ll learn the basics of using colored pencils.

The class includes an introduction to basic terms, types and grades of pencils, basic paper information, and all the types of pencil strokes you need to get the most out of your colored pencils.

Introduction to Colored Pencil


Introduction to Colored Pencils

Lesson 1

Lesson 1 introduces you to the language of colored pencils. Nothing is more helpful to new artists than knowing what words mean and how those words are used by fellow artists.

Lesson 2

You’ll also learn about the different grades and types of pencils and paper. Includes tips on deciding which paper and pencils might be best for you.

Lesson 3

Learn different ways to hold your pencils for maximum effect and five colored pencil strokes and how to use them. This lesson includes simple drawing exercises to get you started.



Beginner & Higher

The subject for this tutorial is a simple large tree branch with a few others growing from it. A thin layer of snow provides both contrast and texture.

You’ll see how to paint this subject using watercolor pencils first, then adding further detail with dry pencils, all in only four steps.

The class includes a materials list, reference photo, and line drawing, plus tips on mounting paper for watercolor pencil work, removing masking tape without damaging the paper, and doing brushwork.

The class includes three lessons and is an excellent introduction to watercolor pencils for artists at all levels.

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