How to Draw a Tree Branch with Watercolor Pencils

How to Draw a Tree Branch with Watercolor Pencils is a two-lesson class in which you’ll learn the basics of using watercolor pencils.

Once you master Carrie’s four-step process, no subject is beyond your reach.

How to Draw a Tree Branch

You’ll learn two different ways to use watercolor pencils, both of which work with the four-step method.

The class project requires only five colors. It can be completed with any brand of watercolor pencils and any brand of watercolor paper.

The lessons are also set up so you can use the step-by-step process to create watercolor pencil studies of any subject you want to draw. You can even do complete, finished pieces with this method.

How to Draw a Tree Branch with Watercolor Pencils


Beginner & Higher

The subject for this tutorial is a simple large tree branch with a few others growing from it. A thin layer of snow provides both contrast and texture.

You’ll see how to paint this subject using watercolor pencils first, then adding further detail with dry pencils, all in only four steps.

The class includes a materials list, reference photo, and line drawing, plus tips on mounting paper for watercolor pencil work, removing masking tape without damaging the paper, and doing brushwork.

The class includes two lessons and is an excellent introduction to watercolor pencils for artists at all levels.

If you’ve never used water-based mediums before, this is the class for you!

Student Work

This is my first attempt at using watercolor pencils, but it won’t be my last. I had fun doing this.

Next I will try something of my own. Thanks!

Lori Willis

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