Faithful Lucy Tutorial and Artist’s Journal

Faithful Lucy Tutorial and Artist’s Journal

Draw this delightful Welsh Corgi with The Faithful Lucy Tutorial and Artist’s Journal.

This beautiful tutorial is more than just a step-by-step tutorial. Yes, it is packed full of great illustrations and easy-to-follow descriptions for every step of the drawing process.

Faithful Lucy Tutorial Cover

But it doesn’t stop there. It also includes:

Sections on strokes, pressure, and glazing

A full supply list, including color charts

Carrie’s behind-the-scenes comments, tips, explanations, and suggestions

More About the Faithful Lucy Tutorial & Artist’s Journal

Carrie shows you step-by-step how she created this lovely portrait. She also shares some of the mistakes she made and how she got past them. Her behind-the-scenes comments, tips, and suggestions will make you feel like you’re sitting beside her and drawing right along with her.

Learn How to:

How to draw fur of different colors

Develop soft, fine fur, shining eyes and a wet-looking nose

Create smooth transitions in color and value

Use a paper stump for blending of all kinds

And much more

What You’ll Need to Complete this Tutorial

Carrie used white Pastelmat for this portrait and that is the recommended paper. You can successfully complete this portrait on other types of sanded art paper, or on traditional paper. However, if you choose a traditional paper, some of the methods described in this tutorial will not be as effective.

The pencil of choice was Faber-Castell Polychromos, and Derwent Drawing Chinese White. You can successfully complete this tutorial with other brands of pencils. Use the color chart in the supply list to match colors.

Would you like to see the supply list before buying this tutorial? You can download a free copy of the supply list here.

Skill Level

This is an Advanced tutorial

Advanced colored pencil tutorials are designed to assist beginner and intermediate artists transition to making their own art. If you enjoy doing tutorials but want to start making your own great art, this tutorial will help you.

Before you move to advanced tutorials, you should have a clear understanding of basic skills such as layering and blending.

All tutorials are available as digital downloads only.

About Carrie L. Lewis: Carrie has been painting and drawing for over 50 years. She sold her first horse portrait at the age of seventeen and has been creating beautifully detailed portraits of horses for clients all over the United States ever since. In the late 1990s, Carrie began doing more colored pencil work, which is now her primary medium. Her favorite subjects are still horses, but she now also draws landscapes. She is a current member of the Colored Pencil Society of America, and publishes the monthly e-zine for colored pencil artists, CP Magic!