Drawing a Landscape with Water Soluble & Traditional Colored Pencils

Landscape drawing and colored pencils at their best, from the studio of Carrie L. Lewis.

Drawing a Landscape with Water Soluble & Traditional Colored Pencils Digital CoverDrawing a Landscape with Water Soluble & Traditional Colored Pencils

You love drawing with colored pencils, but landscapes scare you.

Or maybe you’re looking for a way to speed up the drawing process.

Whichever description fits you best, this book will help you.

Carrie walks you through the process of drawing a complete landscape using an under drawing in water soluble colored pencils, then through glazing traditional colored pencils over the under drawing.

Learn how to:

Crop a reference photo and why you might want to

Use water soluble colored pencils to quickly create base layers

“Paint” details

Glaze traditional colored pencils over layers of water soluble color

Plus valuable tips and suggestions throughout the book

From the Introduction

Landscapes can be among the most difficult things for any artist to capture. It doesn’t matter whether the medium is oils, acrylics, watercolor, pastel or colored pencils. Nor does the style matter very much. There’s simply so many possibilities in every scene, that an artist can quickly become overwhelmed.

Colored pencils opened a whole new world for me. Everything became a potential subject, and I do mean everything. I even tried a landscape or two, but didn’t get serious about drawing landscapes until 2012.

Since then, I’ve completed a number of landscape drawings on a number of papers and using different methods. The more I do, the better I get. The better my landscapes turn out, the more landscapes I want to do.

But it still takes time to finish a colored pencil drawing of any size. So I began experimenting with water soluble colored pencils. They’re a great way to lay down color fairly quickly, so you can to get to the “real drawing” more quickly.
That’s what this eBook is all about.

About the Book

60 pages

Full color illustrations

Full-size reference photo

Full-size line drawing for you to print and use as many times as you like

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