Draw Clouds in Graphite

Learn how to draw clouds in graphite from life or from reference photos.

The thought of drawing clouds can be an intimidating one. They’re so big, and they can be so complex.

And they change so quickly!

But you can learn to draw clouds quickly and accurately, and Carrie’s tutorial shows you how.

The tutorial combines basic principles for drawing clouds from life, an easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial for drawing clouds, and a collection of hand-picked reference photos taken by the artist so you can start drawing clouds today.

Draw Clouds in Graphite is perfect for anyone who wants to learn to draw clouds from life or from reference photos. It’s also the perfect companion to Draw From Life in Three Easy Steps.

Skill Level

Beginner and higher.

This tutorial includes a complete, easy-to-get supply list and nearly a dozen reference photos students can use to practice drawing clouds without waiting for the right weather to draw outside or to take their own photos.