Draw Clouds in Colored Pencil

Have you ever wanted to draw clouds in colored pencil, but didn’t know where to begin?

Or maybe you’ve read Carrie’s posts How To Draw Thunderhead Clouds and How to Draw a Clear Sky with Colored Pencil, and wanted something more in-depth. Something that combines clouds and blue sky.

Then Draw Clouds in Colored Pencil is the ebook for you.

Draw Clouds in Colored Pencil

Draw Clouds in Colored Pencil eBook CoverDraw Clouds in Colored Pencil is a full-length, step-by-step tutorial showing you how to draw beautiful clouds that look like they belong in a blue sky.

Carrie wrote this tutorial as the class project for an email drawing class. The writing is clear, concise writing, and conversational. If you enjoy her weekly articles, you’ll love this tutorial.

The tutorial is written for artists who already have some experience with colored pencils, but it can be used by beginning artists of all ages, too.

From the Introduction

There’s something about clouds that defies description.

But it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I began thinking about doing cloud portraits. I had lived in Kansas for some time by then, and had seen even more dramatic skies than those in Michigan. Towering thunderheads that were so big, their heads were bathed in evening sunlight while their bases were cloaked in shadow.

Cumulus clouds skimming across the sky.

Clouds dripping rain and, yes, green-tinted clouds.

Lightning-laced night-time clouds and afternoon or morning clouds wearing rainbows.

For most of my artistic career, I’ve painted and drawn portraits of horses. No two horses are alike, but I’ve never found a more varied—and limitless—subject than clouds. If I lack for something to draw, I often have to do nothing more complex than look up. Yes, even in town.

Even if doing cloud portraits isn’t one of your artistic goals, this ebook will help you draw more realistic clouds with colored pencils. Clouds that enhance your landscape drawings!

About Draw Clouds in Colored Pencil

Based on the August email drawing class

First Edition

69 pages

Step-by-step instructions & illustrations

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